10 Best Travel Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

Check Our 10 Best Travel Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow
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The earth is home to beautiful landscapes ranging from icy winter snowscapes, enchanting forests to colorful deserts and blue lagoons. Gone are those days when we had to either travel by air or sea to see and experience these beautiful wonders. Now, with the advent of the internet and social media, we can experience continents without having to leave our home. With the help of travel blogging, foreign landscapes can now be easily seen and shared through powerful images and words. If you need help to use words just like these travel bloggers you are aspiring to be like, you can hire the services of people who offer professional writing help and learn from them.

There are lots of men and women who enjoy traveling from place to place in order to experience these wonders themselves. We call them the new generation of travelers and they are the brains behind these mouthwatering Instagram travel accounts. If you are looking forward to unlocking a new level of awesome adventures, we have compiled a list of 10 Instagram accounts that you must follow to help you discover new places.


Check Our 10 Best Travel Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow


Below Are 10 Best Travel Instagram Accounts You Need to Follow

1. Gloria, @glographics

With reference to her Instagram Bio, Gloria has traveled to more than 70 countries across 6 continents. She has been to almost everywhere including the hot Sahara Desert in Morocco, beautiful beaches in Jamaica and the culinary capital of the world, Lebanon. Gloria has over 64000 followers on Instagram which means her followers draw travel inspirations from her. Go to her Instagram page and follow her. You will see lots of adventures that might just spur you to book your next ticket.

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2. Hermon & Heroda, @being_her

Hermon and Heroda are Eritrean and Ethiopian twins who have a great passion for traveling. They have a travel blog they described as 2 different personalities with the same lifestyle. Go to their Instagram page and see the beautiful portraits of their travel destinations like Greece, Portugal and Iceland. You also get to read lovely stories that will put smiles on your face as well as inspire you to travel.


3. Lee, @spiritedpursuit

Lee is a self-taught photographer who makes a living out of traveling around the globe and sharing the cultural experiences from different parts of the world. Her Instagram page is filled with pictures of her walking along the colorful streets of Cape Town, South Africa, swimming with turtles in cold Tanzania Rivers or sitting down enjoying the gentle breeze and lovely views of the ocean in Mauritius.


4. Xochilth, @xochilthmartinez

Xochilth is originally from Nicaragua. Her Instagram feed consists majorly of her enjoying her favorite glass of wine in Italy or enjoying the view of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem. Xochilt always carries a Nicaraguan flag everywhere she goes to and always poses with it during her travels to show her love for her country.


5. Jen, @thesocialgirltraveler

Jen is an A-list travel blogger. She visits several places around the world and documents her cultural experiences for people to read or watch. She has a bucket list which includes hiking on the mountains of Nepal and getting to the peak of Machu Picchu. Her Instagram bio says she has been to 44 countries with plans to visit more.

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6. Ana, @chasingwildgusts

Ana birthplace was in Brazil but spent a chunk of growing up in Florida. Right from her childhood, she had always wanted to travel and see the beauty in different parts of the world. Ana’s Instagram feed is beautiful and full of pictures from destinations like Hawaii, Cuba, Cape Town and Florida. Nowadays, she spends most of her time with poses in the Rhine Falls in Switzerland and scuba diving in Key Largo, Florida. If you are looking for a cultural inclined yet travel diverse Instagram account to follow, she tops that list.


7. Jakiya, @travelingfro

Jakiya Brown is 28 years old and a traveler, marketer and entrepreneur. She runs a blog and an Instagram account called The Travelling Fro. In 2016, she quit a full-time job in corporate marketing in New York City to travel around the world full time. She has since then used her Instagram to show her followers how they can as well pursue and follow their heart desires. She has been to many destinations including Javea, Spain and Xochimilco and Mexico.
This is a quote of hers “I was looking for clarity in my life, needed to find the most extreme solution that would get me out of the corporate world and make me happy. The simple answer, for me, was traveling and seeing beyond my world,” she said in a story inspiring her followers.


8. Becky, @beckyvandijk

Becky is the founder of the travel business We Are Travel Girls. She studied Business and Economics and had a very successful career in finance which spanned for more than 10 years. She quit her job a few years back to start her travel business which centers on hosting events around the world and organizing women group trips to different destinations around the world. Becky makes money from sharing her adventures in different places around the world like going on safari in Sri Lanka or diving into a waterfall in Indonesia.

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9. Tara, @taramilktea

Tara is an Asian-Australian travel blogger. She is known for sharing her travel dreams via Instagram to more than 1.2 million followers. The 23-year-old who has explored over 30 countries loves to travel. In her words,” I love the experience. Travelling teaches you a lot and makes me appreciate life even better”. While still studying at the University of New South Wales in England, Tara spends her alone traveling to destinations like Lake Tekapo in New Zealand, Miracle Garden in Dubai and Chinatown in Manhattan.


10. Murad, @muradosmann

Murad was one of the top 3 travel influencers according to Forbes in 2017. His Instagram travel journey started with him taking a simple picture of his girlfriend. 5 years after uploading that picture on Instagram, Murad now has over 4.3 million followers. Murad’s feed is filled with photos of him and his beautiful wife visiting beautiful places around the world like the Louvre Museum in Paris and the Gamsutl in Russia.

If you are looking forward to becoming a travel Instagram blogger just like the accounts listed above, it is very important to know how to create engaging content. As a beginner, you might not know how to create appealing content that will engage your followers and this will limit your growth. As a newbie in this field, hire a paper writing service and be on the path to success as a travel Instagram blogger.



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