10 Outfit Suggestions For Men

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Dressing sharp is the sine qua non for true gentlemen. The ones who take their time in putting together the right outfit, not for the ladies; but for themselves. Dressing up does not mean spending thousands of dollars on the trendy fashion pieces that are bound to become obsolete in a few months. World Wide LifeStyles is given you 10 Outfit Suggestions for Men to wear the best clothes and Stand out among your friends and family.

It means investing in timeless, classic pieces that make you look a million dollars without actually spending that much money.

Your attire is a halo that directs people’s interest in you. A guy dressed in a tailored three-piece is more likely to get preference than an underdressed, undergrad looking guy.

Since dressing up is an art and not everyone is Tom Ford, we have curated for you 10 outfit suggestions that’d make you look your best.


Check out below the 10 Outfit Suggestions for Men and live vividly:

A well-fitting suit

A well-fitting suit for men

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There are not enough ways to appreciate the creation of properly fitting suits. They add an aura of sophistication and undiluted class. In a world where standing out is difficult, a simple, well-tailored suit is an easy approach.  Here we are taking inspiration from David Beckham, who is well-known for his keen fashion sense. Suits make you look impeccable and help exude self-confidence.

A monochromatic suit with a well contrasting shirt and tie can move mountains for your overall appearance.


Leather Jackets

Leather Jackets for men


If we asked you to name a piece of clothing that made you look like a bad boy from the wrong side of town, while also added charisma, would definitely be a leather jacket. Leather jackets are conventional and comfortable. Online fashion stores have made this long-term investment easy to access for everyone. You can simply buy leather jackets online that are genuine and aesthetically pleasing. Here is a picture of the handsome Bradley Cooper, giving out some serious bad boy charm and a lot of attraction, with a plain, black leather jacket.


Accessories to the rescue

Accessories to the rescue dressing


Since we’ve been discussing leather and bad boys, how can we ignore leather accessories? Leather belts and wristbands accentuate your outfit for the days when you want to look street stylish. Jane the Virgin’s super-hot dad, Justin Baldoni, is giving us some major style goals with the Calvin Klein wristbands and beads.


Go white and blue

Go white and blue for man


The classic combination of a white button-down shirt and blue pants is the ideal for a man of every stature. The look is dapper and dynamic at the same time. You can do this look for a casual meeting and add a blazer to make it formal. It is spruced enough to look well on dates too. You can never go wrong with blue jeans and a white button-down shirt. Mali Karakurt here is the definition of sharp and stylish.


Denim on denim

Denim on denim dressing for men


One of the easiest combinations for menswear is denim on denim. It is simple to carry and perfect for muggy, summer months. A button-down shirt with skinny jeans is a logical choice for men who like the casual vibe. Pairing white shoes on an all blue ensemble would make you the center of attraction. If you add a messy hairstyle to it, you are definitely going to turn a few heads. The dashing Justus Hansen here is doing more than justice to this look.


All Black

All Black


We’ve all had those days when clothes just don’t seem to work. If you find yourself in a situation where you cannot put an outfit together, choose black. It is the color of noir and enigma. It builds a sense of dominance and power around any individual who decides to wear it. So if it’s a meeting, you can wear a black shirt with a black suit, or you can pair a plain tee shirt if a jacket and jeans. Both work well for the majority. For people who get a little conscious about their body, black is the right choice for them. Black fails no one. Here’s Chris Hemsworth, wearing a sharply tailored suit and setting hearts on fire.


Shorts for the day

Shorts for the day


You can opt for a pair of denim shorts for the days when the sun is bright, and the wind is blowing. For a pleasant spring evening outdoors, you can wear a plain tee shirt with a pair of shorts. All you need to do is to invest in good quality denim shorts,andyou’re good to go. It’s easy to pair with almost anything. You can find inspiration from the well-chiseled, David Zalka’s Instagram.


Bright colors for a change

Bright colors for a change


If you’retired from the monotonous suits, you can try to add a pop of color to your outfit through switching a piece. You can add a yellow tie to your grey suit or a green army pants to your blazer and shirt. Bright colors are exactly what designers are gravitating towards, and they are always welcome.

Now, you shouldn’t be all flashy by wearing purple pants and bright pink shirt together. Carlos look is exactly what we’re trying to portray. Just a subtle piece makes a world of a difference.


Vintage fun with suspenders

Vintage fun with suspenders


The retro look of suspenders is a fun way to change your look. They snazz up your outfit and make you look natty and slick without any efforts. The may look a little intimidating, but if you wear them with confidence, then you’re invincible.


A little pink

men with a little pink


For the days when you’re feeling a little off, a little upset or generally sad, wear a little pink to make things right. Pink has soothing properties which make it a therapeutic color. Pink compliments all skin tones and makes you look a lot more reachable and calm. The men who interact with a lot of people on a regular basis, they should definitely stock up on a few pink shirts.


Against popular belief that man makes clothes, the truth is that your clothes matter a lot more than you’d like to appreciate. Growing a beard or wearing accessories is not all. What matters is the way you’re groomed. Invest a little time in amassing the right wardrobe that not only suits you but fits you well. So don’t shy away from taking fashion advice and go get yourself a few new things that fit you right.


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