16 Hour Fast Weight Loss Success Stories

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If you are fat and tired of different techniques of weight lose, so don’t loss hope, lose your weight by following 16-hour fast weight loss success stories. There are many people in the world who have lost weight and experienced amazing weight loss.  They have practiced this 16 hours fasting, means they ate for 8 hours and remain hungry for 16 hours. These 16 hours can be any time that you want to choose in night or daytime. As if you eat your dinner and keep fast for 16 hours and sleep for 10 to 12 hours and wake up just for 4 hours, so it will be easy to keep fast as long as you can.



It seems difficult, but after sometimes, you realize that it’s not as it seems like. You will be amazed after watching the result and changing in your body. You will have a good posture and a strong body. Because fasting for longer time gives your figure a good shape and strengthens your body muscles.

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So here are some of the success stories of weight loss that will motivate you to do the same.


16 Hour Fast Weight Loss Success Stories:

Story # 1:

A mother of two boys has practiced it too, as she was becoming too fat after the delivery of second child and gain a lot of weight of 90 kg. So she tried her best. The first week was toughest for her because it is difficult to keep fast for 16 hours.

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In the first week she noticed weight loss that she had never seen weight loss as fast as she can eat delicious dishes for 8 hours lowering carbs in a meal. Within a few months, people noticed slimming and wanted to be like me. Her husband also wanted to be like her, as a result, he loses 35 kg.

She started it before Thanksgiving, then in April in this year, she lost 25 kg and now she is 65 kg.

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Story # 2:

In 2016, I started 29 years of teaching and topped to 250 pounds, faced health issues like knee pain, diabetes, and high blood pressure during summer, so I started to eat low-carb food and limit my meal but lose 15 pounds only, but I want to lose more, so my friend suggested me intermittent fasting success stories to follow, so I followed, and started to practice 16 hours fasting, after 777 days I lose 100 pounds and I’m 50 years old and can wear 3/5/7 size jeans.

Story # 3:

After delivery of a first child, I gained a lot of weight and tried too many things like going on a walk and limiting my meal and eating less oily food to lose weight but instead of this; I had some problems like blood pressure and joints pain. I was still at 105 kg. I tried F diet plan, Rosemary Conley’s hip, and thigh diet etc, but failed to achieve my goal.

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So I started 16 hours fasting, in the first week I lose 1 kg which was a surprising result, so I decided to take a rest to have lunch and dinner but I gained 2 kg, so I motivated myself and I slept badly and after practicing it 500g lose per week and blood pressure was decreased too. After 18 months of fasting, I lose 41kg.


Tips of 16 Hour Fast Weight Loss Success Stories:

  • Beginners should try it by fasting for 5 to 6 hours, after that increase the duration of fast.
  • During the fasting period, use black coffee and green tea.
  • Use much water, but don’t over drink.
  • You can eat whatever you want in 8 hours of eating, there’s no restriction but lower your carb consisted food. You can also use some diet plan for weight loss.


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