30 Days Plank Challenge Calendar

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Set up 30-day plank challenge calendar for effective moves to target so many muscles at one time upper and lower abs muscles as this challenge strengthens the lower back, upper body, shoulders, chest, butt and also gives a good postured body and strengthens the muscles to avoid injury. It makes stronger the torso and it flattens abdominal area as well.

It can be performed with minimal tools or no tools can be performed at home and can be learned easily. It is excuse free as you need no expensive tools for this exercise and needs the motivation to do this for continuously 30 days and don’t quit it. To know more about it and its ways you can also search How to do Planks – 10 Best Plank Exercises.


30 day plank challenge calendar.docx


Instruction of 30 Days Plank Challenge Calendar:

How to:

  1. Start this exercise by finding a peaceful place. Take a mat and lie down on the mat in a pushup position, with forearms instead of hands on the mat or ground if you don’t use a mat.
  2. Elbows should be kept parallel to shoulders on the mat.
  3. Grasp the glutes and tight abdominal area and lower back muscles, making it sure the back is straight.
  4. Keep neck and spine straight.
  5. Make sure that the back is straight from head to toe.
  6. Keep this position for a while and don’t lower down the shoulders.
  7. Look down by holding the neck straight.
  8. If you are a beginner and unable to hold position then let your knees touch the ground or do this exercise with hands instead of forearms.
  9. Deeply and evenly breathe for a while so this will help you to continue this pose for a longer time.
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30 Days Plank Challenge Calendar:

Take this challenge and follow the schedules for exercise and complete it every day and don’t quit it so motivate you for this challenge to shape your body and posture.

Sec defines seconds here.

120 sec1160 sec21150 sec
220 sec1290 sec22180 sec
330 sec13REST DAY23180 sec
430 sec1490 sec24210 sec
540 sec1590 sec25210 sec
6REST DAY16120 sec26REST DAY
745 sec17120 sec27240 sec
845 sec18150 sec28240 sec
960 sec19REST DAY29270 sec
1060 sec20150 sec30300 sec



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