5 Alternatives To Yoga To Beat Stress And Anxiety

Best 5 Alternatives To Yoga To Beat Stress And Anxiety
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Yoga is an activity that is not only physical or psychological but spiritual as well. It relaxes your mind as well as body. Years ago, yoga was first practiced in India whereas now it is considered one of the most famous relaxing activities in the world. According to many studies, yoga is even effective in shedding those extra pounds as it helps in burning a lot of calories. Apart from the physical benefits it brings, yoga is one great way to cope with stress and anxiety.

Although, yoga is something too natural and is loved by pretty much everyone that seeks relaxation still there are people looking for alternatives to yoga to beat stress and anxiety. So here we have compiled a list of a few alternatives to yoga that are definitely worth trying.


Best 5 Alternatives To Yoga To Beat Stress And Anxiety


5 Alternatives To Yoga To Beat Stress And Anxiety

1: Go Meditate


Meditation is another spiritual practice that brings along endless benefits. It is well-known to alleviate anxiety, stress as well as symptoms of depression. The difference between yoga and meditation is quite simple; yoga targets the body; whereas, meditation targets the mind. Meditation is an ancient technique that relieves stress and clears all those disturbing things on the mind.

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According to research, meditating on a regular basis can increase the level of grey matter in your brain. The grey matter in your brain is responsible for stress management in the body. So adding meditation to your routine would help recompense the grey matter and clear your mind of all the negative thoughts and energies.


2: Exercise Regularly


One of the best activities to reduce stress is exercise. Exercise on a daily basis can help increase the level of endorphins in the bloodstream. Endorphin is a hormone that fights stress and is responsible for an elated mood. It clears your mind and provides stress relief in the best possible way. There are a number of exercises that you can try; each comes with its own benefits. For example;

Aerobics: Aerobic exercise is considered a high-energy activity. It involves dancing, running, spinning and more. Such activities increase the cardiac rate resulting in increased endorphins; hence, it reduces anxiety as well as stress.

Tai Chi: Tai Chi is somehow similar to yoga and comes with countless health benefits including stress relief. The movements involved in Tai Chi are similar to those of martial arts. Rendering to different pieces of research, tai chi helps in regulating the blood pressure, builds up the bone density, makes the immune system stronger and controls the symptoms of depression and generalized anxiety disorder.

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Pilates: Pilates’ is an exercise loved by every woman out there. It involves various mat exercises as well as a few controlled movements. It improves posture, strengthens the bones and lowers the level of stress.


3: Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Herbs

Mental health problems are mostly known as ‘modern-world problems,’ which is mostly just a myth. These are common health issues, and they have been around for centuries. Stress has different kinds, from acute to moderate, from moderate to severe and clinical stress. Acute stress can be handled easily, and the body usually gets back to its normal state pretty quickly but chronic stress if left untreated cannot just damage you psychologically but physically as well.

An amazing way to defend moderate to clinically significant stress is through opting the adaptogenic herbal therapies. A few popular adaptogenic herbs include Rhodiola, Holy Basil, Kratom, Schisandra and more. All these medicinal herbs are great for stress management. You can look for the use of Kratom for stress and find more about its legality whether Kratom is legal in Canada or not.


4: Take Care Of Your Diet


You may have heard the phrase ‘we are what we eat,’ and it certainly is the truth. Your diet plays a vital role in your overall health as well as mental wellbeing. If you feel good from the inside, you naturally look good from the outside. This is why; malnourishment is considered one common cause of stress. The right diet can resolve most of your mental health problems especially everyday life induced stress and anxiety.

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5: Sleep Is Essential


Getting back to the basics, you should never forget to take the required 8 hours of sleep. According to many studies, when the body doesn’t get enough sleep, the level of stress hormones in the body starts increasing; hence, your mental stress is increased. Sleep-related problems persist with permutations of your life, the more you’re stressed, the more you’ll experience sleep-related issues.

Therefore, maintaining a healthy sleep routine is mandatory in order to stay healthy and fit. Also, it is the easiest way from them all. It is something that requires no effort and brings merely a number of benefits for your physical as well as mental health. Just make sure to fix your sleep and wake time and then stick to the routine.


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