5 Best Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

found Best Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas in 2019
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For some time, wallpaper has been looked at as the last resort for covering damaged or ugly walls. Design concepts have changed, and more homeowners are turning to total wall coverings as an excellent way to add interest to their bedroom.

Interior designers in Santa Monica and elsewhere in California know that adding this patterned paper to your boudoir will let you put your stamp on the room you spend most of your time in. Here are five ideas to get your paper passion started.


5 Best Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

Naturally Neutral

The beauty of wallpaper is that it comes in a variety of tones and colors, not all involving complex patterns. Neutral, soothing palettes like beiges, creams and whites are perfect for calming the room just like paint.

You also get the added benefit of texturized walls, and by choosing neutrals you can make a delicate texture the real focal point of the walls. Also, subtlety will let your other bedroom interior design ideas take center stage.

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Deep Diving

Wallpaper lets you really make your walls a feature of your room that you can really have fun with. Adding a great, deeper color like dark blues and yellows will draw your eyes to the edges of your room, which can be complemented by splashes of the same hue in other areas.

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Alternatively, use these darker tones to showcase fresh white linens and pillows that decorate your bed. This can make your sleep area seem brighter while providing a relaxing, darkened space during the evenings.


Modern Looks

While subtlety and slight textures are good for some, others see wallpaper as the perfect time to introduce bold patterns into their bedroom. Instead of choosing flowers and paisley looks, though, investigate modern patterns that add a more contemporary look.

Sharp lines and interesting color pallets go a long way to adding interest to the bedroom without looking garish or too feminine. This can also make a nice texture contrast between walls and floors, creating an even more modernized look.

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Nursery Niche

These looks don’t need to stop at your bedroom or guest suites. A bright and colorful wallpaper will do wonders to liven up a child’s bedroom or nursery. Choose patterns that reflect the sense of adventure inherent to all children and you can be sure they’ll love the look.

When it comes to modern nursery decor, textures are really a key component. By combining them with bright colors it will make Baby’s room the perfect place for learning and exploration!


Single Walls

If papering the entire room with a bold or beautiful pattern is too much of a change, you can always make one wall the accent piece. This way, you won’t feel overwhelmed by a new look but will still be able to make a bold statement in a way that you can still enjoy.

Don’t stop at just thinking about transforming your bedroom with wallpaper. Look to local design studios in California to help get the look you want in a way that will let you enjoy resting and relaxing in the most used room in your home!

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