5 Pitjors mites sentiràs parlar de cintura

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When celebrities like Kim Kardashian can’t stop talking about the benefits of waist training, it becomes even more difficult to resist the trend. A practice that has taken Hollywood by storm, waist training is not a new phenomenon. De fet, women have been using corsets for centuries to ‘traintheir waists to achieve the much-coveted hourglass figure. The origins of waist training lead back to the early 16th century when women used corsets made of iron to ‘control’ their waistline.




amb agraïment, technology has come a long way and women today have a wide variety of comfortable and easy to wear waist trainers. But like most hyped fitness trends and body-shaping products, many women are concerned about the potential side effects that can occur with regular use of a waist trainer.

Can a waist trainer help you achieve the body of your dream? Més important, is it a healthy practice?

avui, we will debunk five myths that you might have heard about waist training. Once you are done reading this, you’ll be ready to give waist training a try:

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5 Pitjors mites sentiràs parlar de cintura

1- It interferes with your exercise routine

One of the biggest myths associated with waist trainers is that they damage your abdominal muscles. Primer, a waist trainer is a piece of garment that is donned for a few hours every day. Tan, there is no way in which it can harm your muscles. malgrat això, what it promises to do is support the weak core (especially after childbirth) and lower back muscles, which instantly improves your posture.

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The key is to wear a waist trainer only during weight training. It will help you in keeping your abs nice and tight with a straight back, giving you better results instantly. Do not wear it during aerobic exercises or high-intensity cardio workouts in which your heart rate is constantly elevated as it may interfere with breathing.


2- It shifts your internal organs

No one, and I repeat, no one wears a waist trainer for 24 hores cada dia. Each waist training product comes with a set of instructions that must be followed. As long as you are listening to your body and gradually increasing the time (never exceed the 8-hour mark), there is no way your organs will be harmed.

Wear the waist trainer in a way it feels snug but not uncomfortable. A human body is highly adaptive and it can easily be trained to achieve the impossible.


3- Makes your posture look bad

You’ll be surprised to know that doctors recommend waist trainers to patients with chronic back pain. Waist-cinching garments can provide many physical benefits and back support is one. Wearing a waist trainer can strengthen your back muscles because of the binding and cinching effect. Més, the added benefit of abdominal muscle compression reminds you to sit up straight throughout the day.

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A waist trainer, if worn properly, can serve as a reminder to engage your core muscles even if you are busy in your day-to-day activities.


4- Only gives temporary results

There is no doubt about the fact that wearing a waist trainer provides instant results. You can easily fit into a smaller sized dress after wearing one. But the good news is that wearing a waist trainer regularly can help you lose weight in the long run.

Primer, no one can overeat while wearing a waist trainer. The constant compression on the abdominal area helps you eat less. Once you eat in lesser quantities, you will restrict your daily calorie intake which will eventually result in weight loss.

If you want to lose weight successfully, select the right kinds of food that help build muscle mass. The waist trainer can only help to remind you of how much to eat.

segon, a waist trainer boosts the process of thermogenesis in our body. Thermogenesis is the process which increases the core temperature of the body to use more energy. As a result, more fat cells break down to provide the body with the required energy. In simple words, a waist trainer helps in increasing the metabolic rate and causes fat to burn off even faster.

Tan, if you think that a waist trainer can only help you look slim temporarily, think again. Waist training results are long-lasting and permanent only if combined with a healthy diet and workout regime. Després de tot, it is not a magic wand that can help you lose weight fast.

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5- Causes dehydration

Most people are afraid of using waist trainers, due to the myth that it may cause dehydration. Bé, wearing a waist trainer will make you sweat more. But think about all the toxins and harmful substances that your body can get rid of!

People visit saunas regularly and most athletes use latex made constricting garments to sweat out extra water weight. Tan, there is nothing to be afraid of.

Be confident and gradually increase the time you spend in a waist trainer. To minimize any symptoms of dehydration, take it off during any high-intensity cardio session and sip water or electrolyte drinks at regular intervals.



If you are looking for an ideal physique, then we urge you to get off the bandwagon immediately. While there is nothing wrong with having a tiny waist, curvy hips, and a fuller bust- it is essential to remember that everybody is beautiful in its own way.

Celebrate your body and its beauty and only use a waist trainer if you want to achieve some serious health benefits. Don’t use a waist trainer to strive for a specific body. A lifestyle that comprises a healthy diet and regular exercise, will not only make you look good but will also make you feel bo.


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