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6 Healthy Tips
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Most people have different opinion about what healthy eating means. But basically a healthy eating is taking a positive style to food while eating variety of food.

Here are some healthy tips.

  1. Eat Vegetables and fruits

Vegetable and fruits are the healthy food. No matter in what form we eat them. They are full with fiber, полезни изкопаеми, витамини и минерали. People who eat the most vegetables and fruits live longer and have a lower risk of heart disease.

  1. Don’t drink sugar calories

Sugar drink are the most high in calories things you can put into your body. Because the most of the liquid sugar calories don’t get recorded by the brain in the same way as calories from solid food.

So when you drink soda, you always end up eating more total calories. Sugary drink are more related with fatness. Keep mind that fruit juries are as bad as soda.

  1. Eat Nuts

Nuts are healthy for everyone. They are full with Vitamin E, влакно, and many other nutrients. Nuts can help you in lose weight and may fight heart disease and diabetes.

  1. Avoid Junk food
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All the junk food is the main reason in the world is fatter and sicker than ever before. So try to avoid junk food as many time you can. Try to eat organic and healthy food.

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  1. Eat Fatty Fish

Everyone know that fish is healthy. This is mostly true for fatty fish, like salmon which is full with omega 3 fatty acid and various other nutrients. Studies show that people who eat more fatty fish have lower chances of disease like heart disease and depression.

  1. Get enough sleep

Sleep is as important as diet and workout. So a quality sleep cannot be overstated. Poor sleep can make you lazy all day and reduce your physical and mental performance.


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