7 Raons Ha de començar l'entrenament d'avui

7 Reasons You Should Start Exercising Today
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There’s no easy way to put this, but if you want a gorgeous body, a lean silhouette, a great state of health and wellbeing, then you need to switch your sedentary lifestyle with a proper workout routine. Mother Nature designed us to be athletic and active, so we can walk over large distances, hunt, and gather in order to survive. Our ancestors were fit, having better-developed muscles and no trace of body fat. But as modern life emerged, we started being lazier. We started driving instead of walking, hitting the couch watching TV instead of enjoying outdoor time and eating processed foods instead of eating fresh or less processed foods. What’s the result? We became fatter and sicker. Tan, there are more than enough reasons you should start being more active today.


7 Raons Ha de començar l'entrenament d'avui


1: It helps you bring more oxygen to your body’s cells

Exercising allows your body cells to enjoy more oxygen. This is because physical effort expands the blood vessels, allowing blood to reach cells faster, providing oxygen and nutrients in order for them to stay healthy and do their job right. Tan, a mere workout will make you feel better in an instant.


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2: It improves your immune system

Who suspected that exercising can actually help boost the immune system? But it is true. This is due to the fact that physical exercising allows our body to find relief from stress, which is the main factor that disturbs the good functioning of our immune system. This is why people who work in a stressful environment should start exercising as soon as possible, improving their body’s response to stress. And when stress levels are low, our immune system is more capable of fighting against infections and anything else that may disturb our health.

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3: It will reduce your BMI

The BMI or body mass index is actually the indicator of your body’s fat storage. This index shows if you are underweight or overweight, but since you are reading these lines, you are probably having excess weight you want to get rid of. així, it is futile to say that a proper workout routine is essential for weight loss, as dieting is not enough to achieve the desired results. Don’t have the false impression that if you have too many extra pounds, working out will be difficult in your case. It is true that it won’t be easy, but it is not impossible either and it is the best way to make sure that you’ll start losing weight fast. Just take a look at Melissa McCarthy, a famous actress that managed to surprise everyone with her new, slimmer figure. McCarthy was known for her large figure, però, recently, she managed to lose significant weight and displaying a much slimmer waistline. She said that she did it the right way, with the help of a diet and workout routine, and without any tricks. Tan, if you are curious how she did it, do check out Melissa McCarthy’s exercise routine and get inspired by her success story to get started today.


4: It strengthens your bone system

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si, exercising will promote stronger and denser bones, which means that the risks of breaking your bones as you advance in age will be lower. encara, do know that not any kind of exercises is good for strengthening your bones. If you want to make sure that your bones grow denser and get stronger, you need to do some weight training. Lifting weights will not just promote stronger muscles, but will also lead in time to stronger bones, as your body will want to invest in this part in order to make sure that you get all the support you need to lift those weights.


5: It increases the capacity of your lungs

Exercising will help you breathe better, by increasing the capacity of your lungs. Why should you be interested in this part? Bé, the cells of our lungs are also affected by the passing of time. Tan, as we age, the capacity of our lungs decreases, which explains why older people have trouble breathing at some point. però, if you enjoy exercises in a timely manner, the capacity of your lungs will be expanded and the effects of old age will be significantly reduced, so you will breathe well even in your senior years. There’s a reason exercising is considered to be a lifespan booster.


6: It Will help you enjoy more energy throughout the day

Most certainly you will think that this is not possible, due to the fact that you feel so exhausted after each workout routine. Bé, this is due to the fact that your body is utterly out of shape. You will need to have the will to get past this period and continue improving the physical resistance of your body. In time, you will see that things get easier and that your mental and physical state improves at the same time. How is this translated? You will feel more capable throughout the day, filled with energy and desire to tackle any challenge that comes your way. In other words, you will feel better, fitter, and more proud of yourself.

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7: It improves your overall mood and helps you sleep better

There’s no other better mood booster than a good exercising routine. It is the best remedy when you feel upset, nervous, disappointed, or stressed out. It was proven that the people who work out are less prone to developing depression because physical effort helps them release the pressure and burn all that steam that is causing their stress. All you need is a 20-minute workout to feel better, as exercising boosts your self-esteem and self-confidence. Not to mention that working out will improve the quality of your sleep. És clar, this doesn’t mean that you should exercise before going to bed. Do it throughout the day or with a few hours before going to bed, allowing your body to cool down sufficiently in order to drift to sleep when the right time comes. And when you sleep better, most certainly you will feel capable of moving the mountains the next day.


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