8 Навици на живот които оказват неблагоприятно влияние косата

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Your hair speaks volumes about you. It is what differentiates you from the rest of the people, and if you would like to stand out, you have to ensure that you properly maintain it. You can achieve this by using the best hair clippers and the right ingredients. С напредване на възрастта, въпреки това, we tend to lose our hair. Hair loss might also be genetic, which is inevitable. Albeit, these are not the only reasons that affect the health of your hair. Your everyday habits could also influence your hair loss. This guide will list eight lifestyle habits that adversely affect your hair.




8 Навици на живот които оказват неблагоприятно влияние косата

1. Hot showers

The truth is that we all adore a hot shower, especially in the morning, or after a long day at work. въпреки това, as much as you might enjoy your hot shower, you need to know that it could affect your hair. It sounds strange, doesn’t it? добре, it is not. Hot water tends to dehydrate your hair strands, making your hair dry and weak. When your hair is in such a state, the probability of falling out increases tremendously. Hot water could eliminate the nourishment from your hair, and that’s why it is advisable to rinse your hair with cold water after a shower.

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2. Consuming food with a low protein content

Did you know that hair is made of protein? Now you do. It is made of a protein known as Keratin, and that is why you need to supplement it in your diet. Consuming adequate proteins results in healthy hair, while low protein content in your diet leads to hair loss, which could greatly disappoint you. за щастие, hair loss because of a low protein diet is avoidable. Meat serves as an excellent source of protein. And if you are a vegetarian, you could go for other sources of protein such as beans and lentils.

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3. Touching your hair too often

It is true that we all love our hair; Следователно, it is not surprising to find yourself playing with your hair frequently. What you may not know, въпреки това, is that touching your hair too often may end up damaging it, and it is something that you ought to avoid. Защо? През деня, your fingers touch a lot of things, some of which are dirty. This could make your hair greasy, affecting it a lot. освен това, when you touch your hair too much, you may cause hair breakage.


4. Pulling your wet hair back

If you want to have healthy and attractive hair, pulling wet hair back is a lifestyle habit that you should completely avoid. You need to know that your hair is most vulnerable to damage when it is wet. Wey hair could easily break, and that is why you are advised against pulling it when it is wet. Какво още, when you pull your hair tightly at this point, you might lose more hair than usual. To avoid this, you need to leave your hair to dry in the air for a couple of minutes before you tie it.

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5. Using too much hairstyling products

As much as you like using hairstyling products, it is advisable not to use them in excess. да, they help to boost your appearance, increasing your confidence; but you shouldn’t make using them a daily habit. Hairstyling products tend to have a high alcohol content, which not only weakens your hair but also makes it dry. When your hair is in such a condition, it will break and fall out more than you expected. You need to realize those hair products can cause more harm than good and use them moderately.


6. Taking specific medication

печално, as much as the medication is bound to help improve your health, there are those meds that could adversely affect your hair. Particular medication such as anti-depressants, anti-hypertensive meds, and statins could cause hair loss. There are also some hormones and birth control pills that could cause hair loss. освен това, medications may affect the regular cycle of hair growth, causing your hair to stunt or even worse, fall out.

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7. A lot of heat on your hair

The scalp is usually sensitive, and if you subject it to too much heat often, you could adversely affect it. You need to avoid using heated hair products or blow dryers every day. This is because too much heat might damage the cuticles and hair protein.


8. Taking foods containing a lot of processed sugar

You might have heard of how processed sugar affects the human body. One of its effects is unhealthy hair. Foods rich in processed sugar causes your body to release more insulin, which increases androgens. And the result is early baldness.



Your hair should be your pride, but you cannot be proud of it when it is dry and unhealthy. You have to take better care of it. как? You could start by avoiding the lifestyle habits mentioned above, as well as look for other healthy ways to protect your hair.


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