9 Healthy Habits To Start Your Year Right

9 Healthy Habits To Start Your Year Right
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It’s 2019, and we are at the time of the year where almost everyone is making their new years resolution. This year, why not commit to healthy living? Even with your busy lifestyle, there are things you shouldn’t take for granted.

Thankfully, living healthy may be hard for some but still achievable to most. With the right mindset, patience and determination, you can become successful and reap the rewards of healthy living.


9 Healthy Habits To Start Your Year Right


Below are 9 Healthy Habits To Start Your Year Right

1: Lessen your sugar consumption

Sugary and sweet foods are what most people live for, but did you know that excessive sugar consumption won’t only cause dental problems, acne and weight gain, but also increases your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer and depression. So, if you can’t stop, try to lessen your sugar consumption.


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2: Eat fruits for dessert

We often get tempted to eat cakes, ice cream and other desserts to satisfy our cravings. However, it’s best to grab fruits for dessert as these are a healthier alternative. Each fruit has its health benefits, and there are tons to choose from that can satisfy your palate.


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3: Hydrate often

Start small by drinking more water as often as possible. Proper hydration has lots of perks, which means you get to benefit from water by merely increasing your water consumption. You can add fruits to your drink to improve the taste.


4: Try matcha

There’s a reason why many are going gaga over the matcha madness. Matcha Tea tastes excellent, it offers tons of health benefits and one can incorporate this in other dishes to whip up something that actually tastes good, looks great and is beneficial for your health.


5: Avoid eating out

Eating out is costly, and meals are unhealthy most of the time. You cannot control the amount or portions served to you, and most meals are prepared and served with more salt, sugar, fat and cholesterol. It’s best to cook your own meals as you can hand pick healthy ingredients, substitute some with healthier alternatives and save money in the process.


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6: Rest adequately

No matter how busy you are, sleep and rest should always be a part of your daily routine. You’ll feel energized, happier, lighter, and more productive when you’ve had enough rest. It will help build your strength, recover and sharpen your focus.


7: Socialize more

It is true that people are social beings. You might be one of those who wants to have peace and joy in being alone, but even those who are introverts can find happiness in others. So, make sure to socialize more often, not just online but also in real life. You’ll be able to find new friends, build relationships and be happier.


8: Learn how to listen and listen well

Communication is not a one-way street. Learn how to listen and respect the opinions of others. You don’t necessarily need to agree with what they have to say. But the more you listen, the more you learn and the more you understand.


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9: Exercise regularly

Not all exercises need you to hit the gym. You can do specific exercises regimen right at the comforts of your home. However, one must remember that your body is not the only one you need to exercise but your mind as well. You should also do mental exercises or activities to help sharpen your memory, improve focus, reduce depression and eliminate boredom.


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