Голямата новост в светлинна терапия Лечение промишленост

A Great Innovation in Light Therapy Treatment Industry
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IPL машина: Голямата новост в светлинна терапия Лечение промишленост

In beauty treatment industry, light therapies are gradually occupying a major shareholding of cosmetics. Most of the upgrading salons are adopting advanced equipment for skin treatment rather than traditional lotions, serums, herbal products, and cosmetics. The main reasons for these advancements are suspicion in treatment results and long-term waiting. In the skin treatment industry, the first light therapy discovery was a laser. It is still the highly preferred therapy due to instant results.

Nevertheless, the laser is also a hazardous device. Thus a much safer option as Intense Pulse Light aka IPL come to existence. It is also a light therapy, but its pulses emit from a xenon lamp in a broad spectrum. If you are running a beauty salon and want to upgrade it with a productive, easy to use and budget-friendly technology, IPL is the best option. Before buying, you must be aware of its significant uses and basic parameters of capability. This article will simplify all of your questions regarding intense pulse light.


Голямата новост в светлинна терапия Лечение промишленост


Significant Benefits of Intense Pulse Light For Beauty Treatment

1) It Rejuvenates Skin

Skin becomes dull because of the many reasons such as pollution intoxication, dust, and growing age. Growing old is a natural factor whereas, pollution & dust is manmade. Nobody wants to look even the age has crossed 55 години; therefore its rejuvenation becomes essential. В общи линии, the first indication of growing old is an appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. These occur due to the deficiency of collagen protein in the dermis layer of the skin. When the first layer of skin (epidermis) becomes weaker, the collagen from the second layer starts depleting. This protein keeps your skin looks younger by maintaining its elasticity.

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The traditional way of regaining collagen is the consumption of supplements that are extracted from animals. Most of the people will not prefer this way to stay young. Също, the impact of these supplements is un-predictive. The light energy emitting from the IPL machine penetrates inside the second layer of skin to stimulate the tissues for reproducing the adequate amount of collagen. По този начин, collagen naturally produces inside the body and the results last for more than one year.

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2) Removes Acne Scars

Acne is a universal problem that occurs with almost every teenager due to hormonal change. In this time period, body release oil that blocks the pores of the skin. следователно, the blocked pores become an ideal habitat for Propionibacterium acne bacteria. The infestation of this bacteria cause pimples that turn into acute acne. This is a painful situation and also the person looks ugly. While healing acne spots, some scars remain on skin for a lifetime. As a beauty treatment expert, you can only hide them with makeup temporarily.

If a client is looking for the permanent solution to this problem, IPL can be the best companion. The wavelength of the IPL machine is capable of killing the acne-causing bacteria as well as neutralizing the uneven skin tone by removing unnecessary pigment. Not just acne scars, but if your face is damaged due to the sunspot, the same wavelength can also heal and gives you a glowing skin.


3) Permanent and Cosmetic Tattoos Removal

The pigment of tattoos is artificial, whereas the pigment of birthmarks is natural. Nevertheless, all these pigments lie inside the dermis layer. Преди всичко, you will come to know about the tattoos.

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Има 2 types of tattoos that IPL machine can remove i.e.

  • Permanent tattoos
  • Cosmetic tattoos


Permanent tattoos are engraved in tattoo parlors by experts in different shapes and colors. Първо, tattoos were only meant for signifying a person’s belief, but now it has become a fashion symbol. The ink of tattoo is settled inside the skin by puncturing it with a needle to make the desired shape. по същия начин, cosmetic tattoos are drawn by expert dermatologists with a set of different size needles. In both processes, an artificial pigment is used to make a specific design, but cosmetic tattoo starts fading after 4 да се 5 години. If someone wants to remove these tattoos from a body, chemical scrubbing and laser were the two major options, but both of them involve injury risk. The IPL machine manufacturers provide special models that can handle these tattoos in the more sophisticated way. The wavelength emitted by machine heats up the pigment of tattoos to divide them in molecules. After treatment, the body naturally absorbs this ink to dispose of.


4) Permanent Hair Removal

Hair looks great if they are on the scalp rather than legs, underarms, and belly. One cannot wear all the latest trending fashion apparel due to the unwanted hair. Следователно, use temporary methods of removal like epilators and waxing. If your client hates these methods and wants a permanent solution, you can satisfy them with IPL machine. When the broad spectrum emitting from IPL laser machine for sale come in contact with follicles, it turns into heat energy. The follicle’s pigment absorbs that heat. следователно, they destroy. After the first treatment session, the speed or growth reduces by half. в 4 да се 5 sessions, the growth of hair completely stops and a person gets the silky smooth skin.

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5) Removing or Fading Of Birthmarks

Birthmarks are generally harmless, but sometimes their color and shape make you look ugly. Следователно, people start finding the methods of removal like surgery, химикали, and laser. These are the traditional ways of birthmarks removal, but involve the higher risk of infection.

Birthmarks are of two types:-

1) Pigment Birthmarks

2) Vascular Birthmarks


Pigment birthmark occurs due to the excessive storage of melanocyte pigment on a particular area of skin. От друга страна, vascular birthmarks occur due to the abnormal growth of blood vessels. The color or vascular birthmarks are red, purple or pink whereas the pigment birthmarks are dark brown or black in color. The IPL machine is capable of removing both of them with light energy. The spectrum of light dilutes pigment birthmarks precisely like tattoo ink. In case of vascular birthmarks, the abnormal blood vessels are heated up to collapse so that flood flows through the skin without any interruption.

The Intense Pulse Light is one of the safest methods for various skin treatments, but only if a machine passes all safety standards and operated by proficient experts. For upgrading your salon, it is recommended to approach Universal Medical AestheticsIPL Machine Suppliers to order a genuine machine online. These machines are designed to perform different tasks according to their intensity. Only an expert can suggest you while choosing the right model.


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