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happy old man
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Once a king was riding on his horse with his guard through the town. Suddenly he saw a lonely man sitting among the crowd of people. The lonely man was smiling and looking happy. The lonely man was dressed poorly and in his hand there was a saucer for hand-outs. The king past him and shortly forget what he saw.

After a few days king again went through the same way. Where he saw the same lonely man again completely happy.

The next day the king picked the same way on purpose. He want to see the lonely man in his place and again the appearance was the same. The curious king now start going on the same way almost every day and he found the man in a same spirit every time.

Eventually, the king decided to meet the lonely man and asked him. He came and questioned the lonely man. “Why are you all the time smiling? I used to see you every day and it seems that you are absolutely happy.”

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“Indeed, you are right my ruler.” Said the man with a smile. The king was again amazed and asked, “Why are you happy? Do you have any treasure?"

“I have nothing, my ruler. Maybe during the day a little bit will come in for food.”

“Do you have a family or a house?"

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“I don’t have anything I wander the world as the wind.”

“Perhaps then, you are healthy?"

“Completely not, my ruler, from the cold of the night my bones ace most of time and almost all of my teeth have fallen out.”

“What make you happy then? Tell me. Maybe you can help me, because I have everything in my life, but I am unhappy.”

“God never send additional trials for one person who he cannot handle. And burden an individual soul with those situations, which at that moment, are most helpful for his development. The condition within which the person is- is that the place for spiritualisation. I am happy with what I am now and where I am, what is happening in with me because I have accepted it. I accept it with gratefulness and smile and patience. I know God is trying to say to me that which direction I should move with my development.”

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Moral: Don’t let the little thing steel your happiness. There are always so many reason to be happy. Learn to let go and it’s the key of happiness.


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