A Hijabi’s Guide to Planning for a Vacation

3 Vacation Tips for Hijabis (1)
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Travelling can be fun for all hijabis if they plan and pack smartly. No magic wand is going to come to your assistance, and you are pretty much on your own to decide what to carry and to do all the packing.

Smart packing as a hijabi

If you pack a lot of valuables, you will have to take care of it all the time and will have no time to roam around stress-free and explore the new place. Start packing way ahead of your travel time. Plan the accessories of each outfit and do not carry things that you will be having difficulty pairing up with outfits.

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Do not pack separate hijabs with every dress. Instead, opt for basic headscarves; black, white, and beige can work fine with most dresses. Carry along with with a new hijab cap for every day of your travel, even if you are going to wear the same scarves over and over.

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3 Vacation Tips for Hijabis

#1 Vacation Tip: Carry pinless hijabs

The best thing about pinless hijabs is that they do not need pins. The second best thing about them is that they stay in their place. The third best thing is that they are super comfy to wear. The fourth reason is that they come in the coolest colors and designs. What other reason do not need to pack pinless hijabs instead of other hijabs?

The fabric of your headscarf matters a lot. If you are going to do a lot of exploration and walking around during your vacation, do not pack fancy scarves, and definitely avoid the silky ones. Pack lighter material headscarves if you are traveling in summer. For winter travel, chiffon hijabs can be a good choice.

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#2 vacation tip: Accessories to tie up your hair

A bun, plait or ponytail is preferable for wearing a hijab, as it keeps hair in place and avoids them from falling out of place. For long travels, avoid a very high ponytail or bun because you will not be able to rest your head comfortably without thinking about ruining the hair under your scarf.

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Wearing a headscarf on wet hair causes damage to hair. Allow air-drying or using a hairdryer before wearing hijab. If you want to wear your scarf without washing your hair, it is best to use a shower cap.

#3 vacation tip: pair up plain outfits and comfortable shoes

A plain outfit is the best thing you can do for having a comfortable traveling experience. Plain attires go with any dress. A simple outfit looks amazing and can be altered in a variety of ways. You can complement any plain outfit with your headscarf.

Another good thing about the plain outfit is that printed and plain hijabs both look great with it. Always carry a dark-colored dress while packing; you can go for a jumpsuit since they are suitable because they’re comfortable and do not take up a lot of space. Alternately, any plain full dresses will be an elegant choice.

When you are going somewhere, it can be tempting to choose a stylish pair of shoes, but when packing always prefers comfortable shoes over stylish ones. An uncomfortable pair of shoes can make your whole trip uncomfortable. Odd pair of shoes can ruin your whole descent and elegant look.

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Sneakers area great choice to walk and explore a new place. You can also opt for formal shoes with little heels. Laced shoes or platform heels can also be a great choice. Any shoes that give you comfort will be the best choice.

Pack smart and light, and you will be all set for a comfortable vacation.


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