Un palau perfecte

perfect palace
perfect palace
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It’s an ancient story, there was a king. His people respected him and loved him since he took care of their needs well. At the end of every month he invited some honorable men of his empire to explore his work.

The king made many things. Every year he remake his palace and every time it looked better than before. “Wonderful! Matchless.” All the people would praise and the king would feel excited.
One day the king thought, “This time, I will have the most beautiful palace, with all comforts. It should be that perfect that everyone praise of it not only the people of my kingdom, but also the people of other lands as well.”

Then the king started working on it and made a spectacular design for his palace. He gave it to the builder after designing it. Within a two months the dream palace of the king was ready. The king invited all the decent man of his state and the neighbor states, to get their views about the palace.

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Everyone was so stunned after watching this perfect palace. Each person were admiring this palace. malgrat això, a saint was standing in the corner quiet.

The King doubted why the saint was quiet, when everybody was admiring his palace. He went to the saint and asked, “Could you please tell why you are silent. Isn’t my palace looks perfect?”
The saint answered. “Dear king! Your palace will last forever. It is admirable but not perfect, since the people living in it are finite. No one is permanent. Your palace may live forever but not the people in it. That is why I am quiet. Each man is born bare handed and so does he die. "
The King show gratitude to the saint for his intelligent words and never tried to make a perfect palace again.


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