Abdominal V Crunch

Abdominal V Crunch
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Abdominal V Crunch

The abdominal V crunch is one of the most practiced crunch exercises which help in gaining the abdominal muscles. The abdominal V crunches focus on the abdominal muscles, which are part of core muscle group. It is easier to do most physical activities and sports if you have stronger core muscles.

Abdominal V Crunch is an exercise that works for both the upper and the lower abdominal muscles in meantime. You can also use the exercise to help strengthen the lower back muscles and to tighten the thighs and is the best exercise for weight loss. But one should be careful performing abdominal V crunch exercise as it can cause a lower back injury if you do follow the proper technique.

The proper technique of abdominal crunch will give you the most benefit so in order to master the technique you need to isolate your abdominal muscles, lie on your back with your knees a little bit bent. Also, make sure your feet are in place firmly on the floor and as wide apart as of your hips. Now fold your arms on your chest and tighten your abdominal muscles and keep your knees wide apart. Raise your head and shoulders off of the floor. Hold for three deep breaths, and return to starting position. You’ll feel the tension in the muscles in your abdomen.

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Don’t clasp your hands behind your head when you’re doing abdominal crunches otherwise, this can put your neck at risk of severe injury. Do as many repetitions as you can do comfortably.


Abdominal V Crunch


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Intense Abdominal V Crunches for Professionals

To increase the intensity of abdominal V crunches, wear a pair of ankle weights or tie your feet with some hard rubber band during the exercise. This will make it harder to lift your legs up in the air in the beginning of exercise rap. Also, you can wear some wrist weights, or hold a pair of dumbbells, of suitable weight that you can manage comfortably, in each hand.

Another way of increasing the intensity of abdominal V crunches is by trying to perform the exercise for a certain number of minutes continuously instead of counting off repetitions. For instance, set a timer for 2 minutes and then do as many V crunches as you can until stopwatch stops. As your abdominal muscles grow stronger, increase the number of minutes that you train.

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Abdominal V crunches are an easy exercise to perform and you totally don’t need a gym membership or ultra-expensive equipment to work your abdominal muscles. Exercises, such as crunches, can be done right at home without any gym instructor or equipment with only basic knowledge of the exercise and right poses. Crunches can help to improve your posture, stability, and balance and also can be a vital exercise for weight loss and shape gaining of abdominal muscles especially abs. By doing a variety of crunches you can effectively target the best shape of six-pack abs.


Benefit of Doing Crunches

Whenever comes the topic of six-pack abs, well-toned belly, and exercise for weight loss, crunches comes to mind before any other exercise. While it takes more than crunches to get a defined stomach but apart from crunches only you’ll need a balanced diet and regular cardiovascular exercise as well.



  • To make abdominal crunches more challenging, hold a 2- to 5-pound dumbbell on your chest. In case you don’t have a dumbbell with you, you can use symmetrical objects such as water bottles weighing equally in both hands.
  • Always inhale during the easy part of the exercise and exhale during the hard part of the exercise.
  • Give yourself rest for a day or couple of days after performing abdominal exercises.
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