Ac Joint Pain

ac joint pain
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Ac joint pain is an often injury among physically dynamic individuals. In this pain, the clavicle (neckline bone) isolates from the scapula (shoulder bone). It is ordinarily caused by a fall specifically on the “point” of the shoulder or an immediate blow got in a physical game. Football players and cyclists who fall over the handlebars are frequently subject to AC injuries.

Ordinarily, joint inflammation is demonstrated by a progressive beginning of torment, delicacy and constrained scope of movement. Acromioclavicular joint pain comes in numerous structures, most normally osteoarthritis, trailed by types of fiery joint pain, for example, rheumatoid joint pain.


ac joint pain


Causes of Ac Joint Pain:


This is a slow process in which symptoms can be worsening with the passage of time. This is a pain in one or both shoulders. For example, it is caused by lifting heavy weights, extending the arm to back to zip the dress or while playing tennis. It is located on the top shoulder. The space between bones decreases as bones rub against each other and it usually affects the older people at the age of 50 or more.

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If you weigh a heavyweight that is not carried easily or you do an exercise of bench press or shoulder exercises without care, then the bones of the joint dislocate and get fractured and create pain.

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It is located at the top shoulder, at the spot where the collarbone meets the uppermost point of the scapula. Pain may go through the lower part of the side of the neck or ear. It also caused if we sleep over the shoulder and use the arm for heavyweights.


Ac Joint Pain Diagnose:

It can be diagnosed easily as if you feel pain in the shoulder joints or bones, you go to the doctor or physician for X-rays, so the physician can evaluate that how much the shoulder is lifted up because if the shoulder is elevated its mean you have an AC joint pain.


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