l'articulació acromioclavicular – separació, anatomia, Causes i símptomes

Acromioclavicular Joint
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la l'articulació acromioclavicular is a plane kind synovial joint. It is found where the sidelong end of the clavicle verbalizes with the acromion of the scapula. The joint can be palpated amid a shoulder examination; 2-3cm medially from the ‘tip’ de l'espatlla (shaped before the finish of the acromion).

The acromioclavicular joint comprises a verbalization between the sidelong end of the clavicle and the acromion of the scapula. It has two atypical highlights: The articular surfaces of the joint are fixed with fibrocartilage (rather than hyaline ligament). The joint hole is in part partitioned by an articular circle – a wedge of fibrocartilage suspended from the upper piece of the case.


l'articulació acromioclavicular


Acromioclavicular Joint Separation

The AC joint is short for the acromioclavicular joint. Partition of the two bones shaping this joint is caused by harm to the tendons interfacing them. It is now and then likewise alluded to as shoulder detachment damage. The acromioclavicular joint is framed by the external end of the clavicle or neckline bone and the acromion procedure of the scapular or shoulder bone. The acromion is a hard procedure which juts advances from the highest point of the scapular.

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The two bones engaged with an AC joint partition are appended by the acromioclavicular or AC ligament. There are a few different tendons which can be of significance in AC joint wounds, including the coracoclavicular or CC tendon which joins the clavicle to the coracoids procedure which is another forward projecting piece of the scapula.

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A third ligament engaged with an AC joint damage is the coracoacromial tendon which connects the acromion procedure to the coracoids procedure, in spite of the fact that it is once in a while associated with this sort of damage. The most widely recognized method for harming the AC joint is via arriving on the shoulder, elbow, or onto an outstretched hand. The competitor falls and naturally puts their pass out to dampen the fall. The powers are then transmitted up the wrist and arm to the shoulder joint.



In some ways, la l'articulació acromioclavicular resembles some other joint. It has two bones that need to interface yet be adaptable also. The finishes of the bones are secured with the articular ligament. Articular ligament gives a smooth, rubbery surface that enables the unresolved issues over each different as you move. Ligament likewise works as kind of a safeguard.

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En qualsevol cas, la l'articulació acromioclavicular is unique in relation to joints like the knee or lower leg, since it doesn’t have to move in particular. The AC joint just should be sufficiently adaptable for the shoulder to move openly. The AC joint just moves a bit as the shoulder moves.


Causes of Acromioclavicular Joint

We utilize our shoulder continually. The subsequent strain makes AC joint osteoarthritis a typical issue. la l'articulació acromioclavicular is under steady worry as the arm is utilized overhead. Weightlifters and other people who more than once lift substantial measures of weight overhead have a tendency to have an expanded occurrence of the condition, and frequently at a more youthful age.

l'articulació acromioclavicular osteoarthritis may likewise create following damage to the joint, per exemple, an AC joint detachment. This damage is genuinely normal. A division, per la major part, comes about because of falling on the shoulder. The shoulder heals, however numerous years after the fact degeneration causes the AC joint to end up agonizing.

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els símptomes

In its beginning times, l'articulació acromioclavicular osteoarthritis more often than not causes agony and delicacy in the front of the shoulder around the joint. The agony is regularly more terrible when the arm is brought over the chest since this movement packs the joint. The torment is ambiguous and may spread to incorporate the shoulder, the front of the chest, and the neck. In the event that the joint has been harmed previously, there might be a greater knock over the joint on the influenced bear than on the unaffected shoulder. The joint may likewise snap or snap as it moves.


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