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Adductor Longus
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The adductor longus is a muscle set in the internal upper-thigh. It is clear to practice session the normal for the adductor longus on the grounds that an adductor is any muscle that activities one a piece of the edge toward another, or nearer to the mid-line of the body. The adductor longus, one in all that is set on each leg, activities the leg nearer to the mid-line of the body.


adductor llarg


Adductor longus muscle

The everyday compartment of the thigh includes one of the kind muscle tissues which might be adductor longus, magnus and brevis collectively with pectineus and gracilis. The compartment allows us to adduct and medially turn the hip. The principal part of this compartment is stated to be comprised of each extensor and flexor segments. In this pamphlet, we will talk the life systems of the adductor longus muscle, and furthermore its logical significance.


adductor llarg: anatomia

The adductor longus, a muscle of the average compartment of the thigh, is triangular fit as a fiddle and present inside the ground of the femoral triangle and adductors channel. The muscle begins from the pubic casing beneath the public peak i.e. the predominant pubic rami (essentially horizontal to the pubic tubercle), and supplements onto the inside third of the average lip of the linea aspera. This incorporation factor is parallel to the adductor magnus and brevis considerations, yet normal to the option of vastus normal is (one of the four included substances of quadriceps femoris).

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The adductor longus muscle lies earlier than the adductor magnus, adductor brevis muscle, the first branch of the obturator nerve, and profunda femoris vessels. Pectineus muscle is parallel to it within the interim as gracilis lies medially. Foremost individuals from the family to its best component are the spermatic twine and belt lata, while the femoral course and vein are blessings front to it in the lower component close to its connection.


adductor llarg: innervació

The adductor longus is outfitted by the front division of the obturator nerve. Each of the 3 adductors (with the exception of the hamstring some portion of the adductor magnus) and gracilis are outfitted by the obturator nerve (front divisions of the ventral rami of L2-L4).

The obturator nerve is a bureau of the lumbar plexus and dives average to the stances central muscle on the off chance that you need to include the pelvis. It keeps running in the back of the ordinary iliac vessels and horizontal to the internal iliac corridor and ureter.

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Consequent, it keeps running in the horizontal mass of the pelvis and could achieve the unrivaled piece of the obturator foramen. It goes through the foramen and develops into the obturator waterway, and partitions into a foremost and back division. Those branches are isolated by the method for obturator externus and adductor brevis.

The back division punctures and assets obturator externus, and slips inside the average compartment to supply adductor brevis and adductor magnus. The nerve likewise substances sensation in the best average thigh.


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