Asia is the largest, crowded and beautiful continent on earth. If you are thinking to plan your Asia trip then you have so many option to choose. There is no any grater place than Asia to eat. The variates of cuisines are already famous worldwide.

This continent has an ancient civilization including villain and heroes to global history. Most of the major achievement of the modern world had their beginning in Asia. The culture, fashion and business of Asia is becoming the biggest challenge for European and American.

  1. Bali

Bali is the world best island in Asia. Bali is the province of Indonesia, that’s attract so many tourist in vacations. It’s full with fantastic landscape, sandy shores. This place is full with so many luxuries resort hotel. You will definitely never disappoint from this place. The people if Bali are so friendly.

  1. Tokyo

Everyone know Tokyo because of animated cartoon, cinema. Tokyo is a capital of japan. Tokyo is a lively city, always full with the hustle bustle of people. But when you will come in Tokyo it will be more worthy. The museum and historical sites of Tokyo are world-class. Tokyo is famous because of sushi including shopping.

  1. Singapore

You can see marvelous sights in Singapore. In Singapore for traveler have a modern Asian metropolises. The city have beautiful sight of greenery and skyscrapers. They reserve some different cultural places like Chinatown and little India.

The people of Singapore are patriotic and proud what they achieved. You can explore museum and some historic places.

  1. Beijing, china

You will see in Beijing mix of modernity and history. Beijing is China’s capital for over 800 anys. You will find about so many ancient history. The great wall, in china built between 220 i 206 BC by the first emperor of china, that’s why it’s so famous and people came to see great wall.

You will see a shopping district in china, like Wangfujings Street and Qianmen street, the Dirt Market offer best experience for shopping.

  1. Hong Kong


Most of people will be confuse that Hong Kong is a separate country or a part of China. What’s the language of this country?

China and Hong Kong are actually a one country, two system. English and Chinese are both official language of Hong Kong. The traveler for in Hong Kong have dense High-rise building and lavish landscape. You will find rugby beaches and sandy beaches in Hong Kong.


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