Benefits Of Walking – Exercise For Weight Loss

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When you hear a word walk or walking, the first thing that came in your mind is moving from one place to another. That’s what walk is, which people might mistake as jogging (that is totally a different thing and we will cover it later in another article).

There are so many benefits of walking starting from sound mind and healthy physique in fact walk is one of the best exercise for weight loss. It will lower the risk of many diseases related to your diet and daily routine activity, stress and many other factors.

If you walk on daily basis that means you have cut short the 60% chances of getting troubled by many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer disease and osteoporosis.  That’s why Doctor always recommends making walk as a key component in your daily routine.


Benifits of walking


Walking will recover your total health. Few minutes of daily walk in your routine can make you stronger and healthier and can fairly reduce all the excessive body fat and muscles power. It is the simplest, best and most recommended exercise for weight loss to people of all ages by the physicians, because in this you do not need any equipment or specific training techniques or personal trainer. It can be done at the any time of the day, most suitably in the morning or evening. It is the best exercise for elder people.

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As the World is modernizing and progressing gradually, the field of technology and use of computer is increasing rapidly, which increases the chances of very common abdominal and digestive disease IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) which tends to be very troublesome among the people from Information Technology Industry. This disease has no proper cure and the entire physician recommends a routine walk and healthy diet plan for curing this disease.

According to a study, only in America 45 Million people get affected by this disease. However it is not a life threatening disease butit can be a long-lasting trouble that changes your entire routine. People with IBS might miss their office, work and other daily routine activities, and they may feel less able to take part in daily activities. Many people might need to change their work inhabitant, shifting to working at home, changing hours of work, or even not working at all due to continuous trouble caused by this disease. And the only way you can avoid this prolonging disease is a routine walk.

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There are so many studies that showed that many other diseases just like IBS or worsecan be avoided by walking, and that the person who walks daily is healthier than the one who don’t walk at all.


Benefits Of Walking


Some Major benefits of walking are as enlisted below

  1. Walking acts as a coping mechanism for stress;
  2. Gives you strength;
  3. It helps in attaining peace of mind;
  4. Increase vitamin D;
  5. Reduce risk of diseases;
  6. Helps in lose weight;
  7. Make you cheerful;
  8. Increase muscles strength;
  9. Controls body fat and cholesterol level;
  10. One of the best exercise for weight loss.



So in order to live a happier and healthier life, make walking a habit and add it to your daily routine.




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