Раздвоен сухожилие Навяхване

Bifurcate Ligament Sprain
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The bifurcate ligament arises from the anterior technique of the calcaneus as a single band and divides into calcaneocuboid (страничен) and calcaneonavicular (medial) elements forming a Y-form. Най- bifurcate ligament sprain е солидна група, joined behind to the profound empty on the higher floor of the calcaneus and isolating in the front in a Y-framed manner into a calcaneocuboid and a calcaneonavicular part. The bifurcate ligament includes components:


Раздвоен сухожилие Навяхване


Раздвоен сухожилие Навяхване: Calcaneonavicular Ligament

The calcaneonavicular ligament (spring ligament) is a thick, broad fibrous band this is placed on the lowest portion of the foot. It connects the navicular bone’s plantar (foot side) surface with the sustentaculum of the calcaneus, a shelf-like side of the heel bone. It additionally affords aid to the top of the talus, a bone that makes up the decrease part of the ankle joint. По този начин, the ligament bears an enormous quantity of body weight.

This ligament plays a vital role in the improvement of obtained ‘flat foot deformity’ (in which the arch is missing) in adults. It’s been related to the stabilization of the foot’s longitudinal arch; this ends in insufficiency of the spring ligament, which causes it to tear.


The calcaneonavicular ligament complex is exceptional in distinct feet. From time to time it’s far constituted of ligaments, the inferior calcaneonavicular and the supermedial; въпреки това, it most often has a third ligament.

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The calcaneonavicular ligament is the medial part of a then-formed bifurcate ligament. The tail of the y-fashioned band attaches to the anterior thing of the superior surface of the calcaneus. That is the medial split of then-form that attaches to the dorsomedial surface of the cuboid bone.

The calcaneonavicular element (Calcaneonavicular сухожилие) is hooked up to the lateral side of the navicular.


Раздвоен сухожилие Навяхване: Calcaneocuboid сухожилие

The calcaneocuboid ligament is the lateral part of a then-formed bifurcate ligament. The tail of the y-shaped band attaches to the anterior aspect of the superior floor of the calcaneus. This is the lateral breakup of then-shape that attaches to the dorsolateral floor of the navicular bone. The Calcaneocuboid tendon is a sinewy band that interfaces the better floor of the calcaneus than the dorsal floor of the cuboid bone. The calcaneocuboid component (Calcaneocuboid tendon) is steady to the average part of the cuboid and printed material a standout amongst the most vital bonds between the essential and 2d columns of the tarsal bones.

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