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la bifurcate ligament és una banda sòlida, joined behind to the insightful empty on the upper surface of the calcaneus and partitioning in front in a Y-formed way into a calcaneocuboid and a calcaneonavicular part.


  • The calcaneocuboid part (Lligament calcaneocuboide) is settled to the average size of the cuboid and structures one of the foremost bonds between the first and second columns of the tarsal bones.
  • The calcaneonavicular part (Lligament calcaneonavicular) is joined to the sidelong side of the navicular bone.




Damage or injury of the bifurcate ligament

This kind of midtarsal joint sprain happens after serve lower leg injury and in combining with a crack of a way or foot rear area bone. Side effects incorporate agony outwardly center of the foot exacerbated by pointing the foot down and moving it outwards or plantar flexion and supinating the foot to utilize the specialized terms. An MRI output can affirm the analysis and X-beams ought to be done to recognize a crack, especially of the main procedure of the foot sole area bone.

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Treatment of bifurcate ligament

The damage is to stop the foot conceivably in a month. The medical procedure might be considered if the damage is serious and bones have been displaced out of their ordinary positions.


Extensor Ligamentitis

Extensor tendinitis is an aggravation of the extensor ligaments which keep running along the highest point of the foot and correct the toes. Bifurcate ligament sprain is felt along the highest point of the foot.


Metatarsal Stress Fracture

A metatarsal pressure crack is a fine break in one of the long metatarsal bones in the foot. A pressure crack can happen through abuse or poor foot biomechanics.


Mortons Neuroma

Morton’s neuroma or Morton’s disorder is a condition bringing about distress between the third and forward toes caused by the pressure of a nerve.


Lisfrancs Injury

Lisfranc’s damage is a separation or crack in the midfoot zone. It is imperative this damage isn’t missed as long-haul harm can come about.

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