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Bad company
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Once there was a rich man, he had only one son. His son fell into a bad company. He always misbehaved at home with everyone and developed many bad habits as well.

The rich man was so much worried about the behavior of his son. He tried his best to change his behavior but he couldn’t succeed.

After all of his tricks he failed. One day he made a plan to teach his son a lesson. He went to the market and purchased some fresh apple and a rotten one. He came back to home and called his son. He asked his son to put all the apples along with the rotten one in the cupboard.

The son did the same what his father had asked him to do. After a while when he opened the door of cupboard he was left surprised to see that all the apples had become rotten which made him a bit depressed.

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Then his father told him to see how one rotten apple can spoil all the rest. In the same way such a bad company could spoil all others.

The father’s advice had the preferred effect. The boy gave up bad company and became a good son again.


Трябва да проверите:

Moral: Better alone than in bad company. Always choose your friend wisely.

Bad company corrupts good character.


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