делтоидния сухожилие


Най- делтоидния сухожилие is a firm, ниво, triangular band, connected, above, to the summit and front and back outskirts of the average malleolus. Най- делтоидния сухожилие на глезена или сухожилие на долната част на крака рамки средната част на долната ставата на крака. Той се присъединява към средната малеол до множество тарзалните кости.




The structure of the ligament is made of two layers. Тънкият слой има регулируеми връзки и пресича две стави, докато дълбоко слой има Talar връзки и пресича един съвместен:


Function of deltoid ligament

Най- deltoid ligament function is the essential ligamentous stabilizer of the lower leg joint. Both shallow and profound parts of the tendon can be disturbed with a rotational lower leg break, constant lower leg shakiness, or in late stage grown-up obtained flatfoot deformity.9,14 The part of deltoid tendon repair in these conditions has been restricted and its commitment to joint inflammation is to a great extent obscure. Disregard of the deltoid tendon in the treatment of lower leg wounds might be because of challenges in analysis and absence of a viable technique for repair.


Causes of Deltoid Ligament Function Sprain:

Lower leg sprains change in seriousness. While the lion’s share of ‘basic’ lower leg sprains goes onto a decent recuperation, there is a considerable subset of patients with more ‘unpredictablewounds that have continuous agony following lower leg sprain. At the season of the damage, it is workable for harm to jump out at the lower leg joint itself, and the encompassing delicate tissues and сухожилия.

Agony following lower leg sprain is regularly connected with continuous swelling and lost trust in the security of the lower leg. Contingent upon the area of the torment, different pathologies should be considered.


Основи на Диагностика

  • Първоначална стъпка за намаляване на почивка или по-ниска syndesmotic навяхване на крака
  • Положителен тест обратно кабинет и среден тест Talar наклон
  • Положителен тест за Kleiger (извън тест революция)
  • Ултразвуково изследване на бъбреците, радиотелеграфия, or MRI might be used


Прочетете тази статия extensor Digitorum Brevis също да се знае повече за глезена наранявания.


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