Does Protein Shakes Help Build Muscles?

Does Protein Shakes Help Build Muscles
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With the advancement in technologies, it has become quite easy to build up muscles and lose weight. However, if you are a beginner in this field then your initial workout sessions may not be simple. It requires a lot of strength, potential, patience, and hard work to get a fit body. In such cases, protein shakes work as an aid for the practitioner by easing the muscle build up and muscle recovery after a workout. As per the sources, more than 70% of the athletes consider protein shake as the vital supplement for human’s body.

Now if your question is “does protein shakes help build muscles?”Although there are no clinical reports and evidence proving the fact that protein powder helps in muscles development, the several studies conducted for the bodybuilders stated that it helped them to feel full and stay fit. Generally, the doctors recommend the normal man to consume at least 55 grams of protein a day whereas 45 grams of protein is required by a female body. apart from building up muscles and losing weight, protein is termed to be an essential food for a healthy diet as it provides you with adequate energy to perform your day to day activities, it helps is tissues growth and repair.


Does Protein Shakes Help Build Muscles


However, the quantity of protein requirement for an athlete is a lot more than the normal people. This is the major reason why athletes often prefer having protein shakes rather than eating eggs, fish, meat, and nuts as its tiresome to prepare the protein-rich meals every time. Here I am presenting the facts regarding how the protein shakes are linked with muscles build up?

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Does protein shakes help build muscles?

According to the famous surveys, Muscles growth of a person automatically starts diminishing at an age of 20-23 years. Many people believe that consuming protein can help them strengthen their muscles however, this perception does not hold water as easting various protein-related supplements may not prove to be effective enough in the same.


If you really desire to build muscles and recover tissue then a regular exercise and workout with physical activities is a must. However, workout often leads to the loss of protein from the body and hence, it is recommended to have protein powder to ease your sessions. All in all, protein shakes plays a vital role in muscles build up but the same should be preferred along with strength training and exercises. Moreover, it is advisable to take the protein shake after 30 minutes of your activity.


There are mainly two types of protein powders i.e., dairy-based protein powder and non-milk protein powder. Although both of the powders are sufficient in muscles growth, the digestion and absorption of the non-milk protein are comparatively complicated than that of dairy-based protein powder.  Therefore, it is recommended to opt for the later.

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Some of the major dairy-based proteins are as follows:

  • Whey protein – one of the most famous and highly preferred protein powders is whey protein. Although whey contains a high quantity of lactose (difficult to digest), the same is lost during the processing and preparation of protein powder and hence, make the digestion easier. This protein powder is enriched with Branched-chain amino acids that are mainly known for their muscles build up features. The studies have proven that whey protein help in building up the muscle mass assist in muscles recovery after long workout sessions and enhance muscles. Besides that, it is also found to be effective enough in losing appetite and reducing the calorie intake per day to a great extent.


  • Casein protein – casein is another dairy-based protein powder that is extracted from milk. However, the absorption of casein protein is comparatively slower than that in whey protein. This is because casein comprises a gel that slows down the digestion process when interacts with stomach acids. Due to the delayed digestion, it diminishes the scale of muscles protein breakdown. Moreover, the intake of two to three glasses of casein protein shake, you may feel full for a long period of time
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  • Egg protein – the egg is considered to be the major source of protein that especially features the loss of appetite and controlling hunger hormones. However, this protein powder is extracted and prepares out of the eggs white due to which the feeling of fullness may decrease to some extent (as the egg yolk is taken out while the processing of egg protein powder). This protein powder consists of a total of 9 kinds of amino acids that your body is not capable to make itself. Egg protein is termed to be the second most protein powder that contains the highest quantity of branched-chain amino acids after whey protein. Although egg protein is not a dairy based product, the same is considered to be the best alternative for the people having allergies with the above-mentioned protein powders.



This way protein shakes make muscle build up easy. However, make sure to consume it only after practicing the workout. Apart from that, whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, it is recommended to avoid taking more than 2-3 glasses of a protein shakes a day. This is because the digestion of plant and dairy-based protein powder is a bit complicated and is a time-consuming process. However, if you desire to get the fit body with powerful muscles then what is better than opting for these shakes?


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