Eating Vegetable and Fruits could lower your Blood Pressure

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All of the potassium rich foods like avocados, beans, spinach, sweet potato and coffee could lower your blood pressure.  If you are going to decrease the sodium intake it will enough lower you blood pressure. But data or all the record suggest that increasing dietary potassium have an important influence on hypertension.

Hypertension is a universal health issue that touches more than one billion people globally. It is estimated that hypertension is responsible for at least 51 percent of death.

So potassium is linked with lower blood pressure. In a studies they find out that body does a balancing act that use sodium to uphold close control of potassium level in blood, which is difficult to normal heart and muscles function. When dietary potassium is high kidney emit more salt and water, which increase potassium excretion.

But the question is how much dietary potassium a man should consume.

An adult should consume at least 4.7 grams of potassium per day. It will reduce the risk of kidney stones and bone loss. If you eat ¾ cup of black beans it will help you to get 50% of your daily potassium.

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