Аварийно кацане се е случило през цялото време на тези летища


Bangor International in Maine is one of the busiest airports in the world where emergences landing happened almost all the time

1. Henderson Field, Midway Atoll, US

All the plane that come into suffering crossing Henderson field airport they land on Henderson field. The tiny island, a separate region of the US, welcomes no tourists (due to budget cut backs in 2012), but does put up planes in need of an emergency.


2. Shannon Airport, Ireland

On the shore of Ireland, Shannon is a better place to deal with east-bound emergencies. It also has a history of army use. в 2005, the BBC alleged that Shannon was used by the CIA as part of its amazing performance, something both the US and Ireland denied.


3. Henderson Field, Midway Atoll, US

Easter Island also helps for troubled airliners travelling to or from South America and the western Pacific. Its runway at 3.3km splits the island in two.


4. Tenerife North Airport, Tenerife, Испания


This airport was the place of the worst accident in flying history, the Tenerife airport tragedy. It is a hub for the Canary Islands, linking Europe, North America and North Spain, and diverting airport for transatlantic paths.

5. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, Alaska, US

An alteration airport for air plane using the Polar route, linking North America with Russian and the Far East, Port is well situated to stretch 90 per cent of the industrial world within nine and a half hours


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