Engagement Rings Buying Guide Based on Zodiac Signs

Engagement Rings Buying Guide Based on Zodiac Signs
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The engagement ring is a symbol of your eternal love, a token of your willingness to take the relationship to the next level and the most significant purchases you will ever make. You must have done your research and considered the 4Cs as well as looking at various rings in the Australian jewelry stores. However, you need to think beyond the 4Cs and look for the engagement ring that reflects the personal style of your would be. However, with so many styles to choose from you can get overwhelmed and it would be difficult to select the one that she will love and adore. What if I say that you can buy the engagement ring according to the zodiac sign of your would be. Yes, you can, and it will make a lot easier for you to choose that unique engagement ring which will be loved by her genuinely.


Engagement Rings Buying Guide Based on Zodiac Signs


Here I have picked some engagement ring styles that would suit each star sign. Take a look and find your style.


Women born in this star sign love being the center of attention and have the confidence to pull off the statement engagement ring. When buying an engagement ring for this zodiac sign, don’t go down the traditional route and be prepared to splash out on large gemstones. Rubies or sapphires would be an excellent choice for Aries, but a diamond would also be great if it has a halo setting. Aries bride loves the beautiful things in life so their engagement ring should be such.



Taurus women have a very particular vision of their engagement ring, and it could be quite challenging to meet their expectations. They love beautiful, detailed designs, but not too much bling. You can opt for a halo setting or trinity ring with small center stone with a contemporary design.

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Geminis love something different as they are intelligent social butterflies who will want an engagement ring to be a talking point, but classic in style. A diamond engagement ring with a distinctive, unique setting is a great option, or you can go with an attention-grabbing art-deco design to keep them excited.


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Women born under cancer sign are caring, loyal and a little sentimental. They will be happy with any style engagement ring since they believe the commitment is more vital than the jewelry that comes with it. They will appreciate a traditional design like a diamond solitaire engagement ring. You can choose an unusual diamond cut like emerald or Asscher for a dazzling twist.



Leos are a confident, ambitious, brave and little show-off. So, when looking for diamond engagement rings for this sign go for a big diamond, platinum band, perfect quality, and a custom-made design. My advice would be to spend as much as your budget allows and do your researches to ensure you get the best bang for your buck. Quality is always valued over fancy design and anyone who knows their jewelry will be able to tell the difference.



Virgo women pay strict attention to detail, they are practical, reliable and know what they want. Simple and elegant is what you need to keep in mind when searching for an engagement ring for this star sign. Virgos don’t like much detailing, but they love good design and quality. You can opt for subtle designs that accentuate the center stone, top quality diamonds like pink diamonds, rubies or sapphires will win.

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Libras like excellent things in life, they are easy going, charming and like to go with the flow. A Libra woman won’t be too fond of bold, alternative or intricate engagement ring design. She will prefer a softer style that’s practical to wear. A small diamond solitaire with a pave setting or channel set stones would be great.


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Scorpion women have a very distinct personality, and they are dynamic, independent, passionate and wily. They do what they believe and never give up on what they want. So, finding an engagement ring to match her personality is a bit difficult. Scorpion women love excellent quality and timeless design. A contemporary setting with a different metal like the rose gold would we well received. Stick to a diamond as a center stone with a little twist for side stones.



Sagittarians are independent spirits, but they love traditional styles with a unique contemporary twist. Colored gemstones with the diamond accents engagement ring are what they’ll like. They will also love a square or cushion cut diamond or a classic round brilliant. You can opt for ADC rings with pink diamonds as they would be enjoyed by Sagittarian women than anything else.  



Capricorns are another practical lot that doesn’t like their engagement rings to be intricately designed. The clean, durable design is what they prefer, so look for square cut diamonds, simple bands and minimalist detailing. Capricorns want something that they can wear every day without it being damaged. This means that big stones, delicate designs and styles are not their things, you need to look at designs or styles that are bold but not too eccentric.

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Aquarian women are creative, empathetic and always march to the beat of their own drum. There is no way she will settle for a traditional solitaire diamond, you can choose colored gemstones but stay away from rubies, sapphires, and emeralds. Aquamarine or tanzanite engagement ring would be a perfect match paired with colorful stone with a gold setting.



Pisceans are gentle and sensitive and a hopeless romantic too. They’ll love the traditional engagement ring, but their creative side would want a unique twist on it. Round engagement ring with halo setting will complement well with their soft side personality. You can also opt for a classic diamond platinum combo with some intricate detailing like beading or foliage. Piscean women also love antique engagement ring designs.

These are few of the engagement ring design styles based on each zodiac sign to help you buy the perfect ring for your would be. However, remember that when purchasing diamonds or other gemstones in Australia, do your research and only buy from a reputable jeweler store like the Germans Fine Jewellery, Australian Diamond Company, Affinity Diamonds, Larsen Jewellery, and Canturi to ensure you are getting the best quality and the best price.


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