Explore Some of The Top Reasons Why You Require a Shower Filter

Some of The Top Reasons Why You Require a Shower Filter
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The public water supply may contain chlorine that acts as a powerful disinfectant and makes the water safe for drinking. However, the same water could prove to be harmful to both your hair and skin because of the presence of chlorine in it. According to experts, “We may absorb more chlorine through showering than through drinking water. It may seem counterintuitive, but showering in chlorinated water can lead to more chlorine absorption than drinking chlorinated water.”

Most of us are used to showering at a warm temperature that boosts absorption. Moreover, a large part of the body rather, practically, the entire body is exposed to this chlorinated water while taking a shower. Research reveals that chlorinated shower water could enter your bloodstream easily since it is known to have a relatively lower molecular weight. It could pass into your body easily. So it is important to use a shower filter from fill2pure for effectively reducing chlorine in your shower water.

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Some of The Top Reasons Why You Require a Shower Filter


Here are some common reasons to buy and use a shower head filter for reducing chlorine content in your water.

You Are Having Dry Hair

Straightening, blow drying, perming, smoothening, curling, and coloring actually, end up damaging your hair. Chlorine present in the shower water could dry your hair further and end up damaging the protective outer layer. If you wish to avoid undesirable and unsightly split ends and dull hair, you must opt for a shower filter at once.

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You Are Having Dry Skin

The combination of hot and warm water in the shower along with the chlorine content in the water would be stripping all the natural oils from the skin. This could result in flaky, dry, and sometimes, itchy skin.


You Are Having Color-Treated Hair

After spending through your nose for an amazing color treatment at the salon obviously, you would want your hair to look shiny and fresh always. But you must avoid chlorinated water at shower time because the coloring process makes your hair quite porous and so would be fading when exposed to chlorine repeatedly.

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You Are Allergic or Sensitive To Chlorine

If you are allergic or sensitive to chlorine, it is a wise idea to eliminate it from your shower water so that it does not cause any irritations or negative reactions.


Chemicals in Shower Water May Trigger Cancer

Some specific chemicals that are present in your shower water could be the cause of different types of cancer. All these harmful chemicals may cause issues when consumed via drinking water. Moreover, they could prove to be more hazardous when absorbed through your skin or inhaled.


Chloramines Present in Shower Water Are Extremely Dangerous

Chloramines are another harmful chemical present in shower water and are supposed to be a mixture of both ammonia and chlorine in precise proportions. This could prove to be more harmful to your skin as compared to chlorine. It is best to use shower filters to rule out unnecessary exposure to harmful chemicals.




A shower filter is the most effective, simple, and inexpensive way of reducing chlorine and all other harmful chemicals from shower water. It makes a huge difference to the quality and safety of your daily shower. Your shower water would no longer prove to be a health hazard if you use a shower filter.


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