External Oblique Pain

External Oblique Pain
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External oblique pain is occurred when one of the abs muscles becomes worn, frayed or separated because oblique muscle is used mostly and provides balance, strength and a lot of flexibility to do many activities and work. This is why it is common among many people; most of the athletes become a prey of it. Sometimes, from the lower ribs, it becomes painful to breathe, laugh or a cough.

External oblique muscle is a large muscle that originates from the 6th to the 12th ribs and moves diagonally. Here we’ll discuss the pain in external oblique, its symptoms and causes, so read this article till the end.

External Oblique Pain


Causes of External Oblique Pain:

It can be caused by many factors like lifting too much heavy weight and don’t giving a rest to tired muscles and it can also be caused by other activities like:

  • Abrupt twisting and speedy movement
  • Extreme extraordinary and unnecessary exercise
  • Not legitimately resting tired muscles
  • Inappropriate strategy while playing sports that require running, turning, and hopping
  • Lifting overwhelming items
  • Giggling, hacking, or sniffling
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It can cause by sudden movement like bending forward or twist movement just about the waistline. Exercises like baseball, oblique crunches exercises, tennis or golf etc can cause this pain. Overused muscles should be taken rest when they are tired too much, instead of giving them rest we use them more, so it can also cause pain.

It can also be caused by sitting in the same place for the whole day, as sitting on a chair and using laptops or computers. Lifting too many heavyweights that cannot be carried easily, they can cause muscle pain. Punches or anything that hits your external oblique can cause a problem for you. When you have surgery of this muscle, it may produce pain in the formation of wounded tissues.

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Symptoms of External Oblique Pain:

  • Strenuous damage in any of the muscles either due to overstretching or somewhat torn can cause serious muscle tormentor in addition muscle debilitating. Diagonal muscle strain can indicate side effects like firmness and hurting. This muscle strain can eventually bring about shooting pain in the lower chest area pursued by the side of the stomach part and expands more by turning or bowing the trunk strongly. The serious pain can cause mileage of muscle strands of the trunk.
  • After a strain occurs, muscles make you encounter extreme firmness once you wake up from the rest toward the beginning of the day. This muscle strain is excessively firm to oppose you from doing day by day works.
  • This pain frequently occurs while resting time and relaxing these muscles.
  • In case of extreme exercises or any physical activities, this pain may occur and cause inflammation, bruising, and weakening of muscles.
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