Fall 2019 Men’s Trend Report: The Shoe Edition

Fall 2019 Mens Trend Report
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In recent years there has been a revolution in men’s style. Fashion has been moving forward, and new looks have blended with old-style to create wardrobes that are both conventional and timeless.

Shoes have always been a primary focus in men’s seasonal fashion, and this fall is no exception. From men’s Diadora sneakers to Nike’s push to the past, here are a few trends that will help make any man’s wardrobe feel complete this fall.


Fall 2019 Men’s Trend Report

  • Retro Diadora

There’s nothing like a cool autumn breeze to make the daily jog worthwhile, and Diadora is counting on men with a nostalgic streak to be hitting the trails this fall. Combining the durability of nylon with the subtle textures of suede, the Camaro line of running shoes is the top pick for sports sneakers this fall.

Their variety of colors makes these 1980’s-styled sneakers an excellent option for anyone looking to make a statement. As a casual alternative, they hit the mark and can dress down any outfit or upgrade the look of your Sunday run.

  • Taking Wing

Shopping for men’s shoes online means you get the best looks right away, and that holds true for Red Wing’s Iron Ranger line. This fall will see a dramatic look in these traditional work boots, making them stylish while on the job or at the club.

These boots are designed with fashion in mind and comfort at heart. As durable as they are stunning, you’ll hate taking them to work but with comfort like this, you won’t be able to stop yourself.

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  • Streetwise Zanotti

When it comes to formal footwear, Giuseppe Zanotti likes to keep things formal and fresh. This fall, he’s taking some risks bringing sneaker-like styling to traditional formality with expressive patterns in a variety of loafers.

A mix of Cuban and British looks infused with some 80’s pop culture flair makes room for an excellent blend of textures and materials. Look for calf and plaid mixed with metallic and croc embellishments in Autumn’s formal-casual line.

  • Crevo Convention

The Chelsea boot is by far the easiest way for men to infuse some style into their wardrobe. This fall, Crevo has incorporated some of the chunky retro style common in today;’s fashion into their traditional lineup.

The Traverse line takes simplicity to the max with a genuine suede outsole and excellent interior cushion. These can dress up your favorite casual outfit or even dress down a suit for less formal occasions.

  • Stranger Sneaks

Nike has never been one to shy away from multimedia branding, and when the new season of Stranger Things drops this fall it’ll be just in time for their new sneaker line. Specifically geared to hit win all of the nostalgia points, colors fit both the show and a desire to relive the eighties in contemporary flair.

A recoloring and reworking of their three top lines, these Nike sneakers for men take the Blazer, Cortez and Tailwind lines back in time. Anyone looking to take a trip down memory lane will find these athletic kicks perfect for reminiscing.

Staying in style this fall isn’t as difficult as it might seem. Search online for your favorite kicks to find fashion-forward sportswear, casual and formal shoes and be on the top of your game all season long!

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