Най-известните места за пътуване в Африка

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Africa is a vast continent consist of 54 countries. Africa is known for its stunning beaches, mountains, wild animal, and dramatic landscapes. If you are going to travel in Africa then you will return again and again. Traveling in Africa can be a hard experience.

Africa is the oldest continent on earth. There are few dangerous places, but it’s obvious there are always few dangerous part in every continent and danger can be easily avoided and managed.

The world tourism council report show that Africa tourism is increasing day by day. Hotel, airlines and other restaurant, travel agent and leisure industries are increasing rapidly.


Here is a list of most famous countries and attraction Cities of the continent. You should visit these magnificent places.

  1. Botswana

It’s one of the best destination to go for an amazing safari holiday. Botswana is a country near Zimbabwe and South Africa, has one of the most famous wilderness destination in the world. This country offer in different range of places for tourist, from luxury to budget guesthouse.

Each year tourist come in Botswana to visit safari here, experience the largest animal population in Africa. Travelers also visit the sparkling waterways of the Okavango delta and visit vast Kalahari Desert.

Трябва да проверите:
  1. Kenya

Kenya is one of the most beautiful east African country, filled with flora, fauna, wildlife and islands. The best time to visit Kenya is between Octobers to March. It is perfect place for holiday’s families.

The famous island of Kenya is Lamu, where you can enjoy endless beaches, narrow streets without any vehicles. The traveler who love wildlife should visit Lake Nakuru and the Amboseli National Park.

  1. Morocco

Morocco is one of the famous country of Africa. Morocco is situated on the outskirt of Europe. It is filled with North African culture. If you are visiting Morocco you should visit Djemma el Fna in Marrakech. It’s famous because of its culture including theaters, tattoo artist, food masters, desrt tour and many more.

If you are in Morocco then you should attends Fes Festival of World Scared.

  1. Южна Африка

In South Africa Cape town is extremely beautiful city that are separated with other cities throw mountains. Cape Town is one of the unique city of South Africa, it’s totally different from all South Africa. Cape Town is multicultural city. It is famous for landscapes, and different activities.

  1. Maputo, Mozambique

Mozambique tranquil coast attract visitor in search of safari and beaches. It’s an attractive place to visit for anyone. All the people who love beaches should must visit this place.

  1. Johannesburg, Южна Африка

Johannesburg came into 1800s as the City of Gold. Johannesburg once was unsafe and wild neighborhoods but now have become its liveliest. This is the reason Johannesburg is so special. It’s may be not have beaches to thriller on or mountains to climb, but has an energy that’s completely catching.


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