Figure Four Stretch

Figure 4 Stretch
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The figure 4 stretch is considered one of my all-time favorite piriformis muscle stretches to do, especially for lower back pain and sciatica alleviation. That is a wonderful decrease returned exercising to assist relieves muscle anxiety from sitting too long at a desk. It’s miles ideal for after I see someone come into the medical institution with a stupid ache in their decrease lower back, say from an extended automobile pressure, or perhaps from sitting for too long in a meeting, plane or educate. In those situations is the satisfactory time to carry out this sort of the hip stretch.


Figure 4 Stretch


Well now that I have talked up a hurricane on my all-time favorite decrease lower back and hip stretch, I guess you’ll need to recognize a way to do it. Today I’m going to reveal you a way to stretch the piriformis muscle to your bum. I have discovered some movies online showing you how to carry out the stretch in 3 distinct approaches: seated, lying down and standing function.

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How to Perform the Figure Four Stretch

This returned ache exercise can be a superb home remedy device to start doing now. It’s so easy to try this you may be sitting at your office desk and stretching your again and hip without anybody understanding your stretching.

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The determine of four piriformis muscle stretch can be done in 3 special positions:

  • Laying on your lower back,
  • Sitting,



  • Continue to be even on each hip while doing the stretch. Do now not lean on one hip more than the alternative.
  • In case you slide the foot that is to your thigh in the direction of the hip or move it in the direction of the knee, it’ll exchange the angle of the stretch. if you test with this, make certain you do it on each side.


Benefits of Figure Four Stretch

  • Fortify quadriceps, ankle and foot muscles.
  • Tone the core.
  • Stretch the outer hip and glute muscle groups.
  • Relieve lower back anxiety.
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Practice balance and concentration wonderful for helping you locate balance in different aspects of your life.


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