Five Ways To Pump Yourself Up Before A Workout

Five Ways To Pump Yourself Up Before A Workout
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Some things can be even more difficult than actually working out. Getting to the gym, or even exercising at home can be hard to do sometimes without the proper motivation. We all know that once you are into a solid routine, it is easy to keep it going, but getting there is one heck of a battle. Thankfully, we have some perfect pump up tips to get you motivated to get that workout done!


Five Ways To Pump Yourself Up Before A Workout


Five Ways To Pump Yourself Up Before A Workout

1. Make yourself accountable

There are several ways to make yourself accountable. One way is to tell people about your plans. Post on social media that you will be posting gym pics the next day. Nobody likes going back on their word and even less when someone calls you out on it. If you do not go, people will notice.

Hire a trainer or make time with a workout buddy. You are far less likely to blow off a workout if you are meeting someone and even more so if you are losing money!

Put it in your calendar and set alarms. Treating it like any other plan helps prepare you to keep your plan. Add an app that sends you alerts pushing you to get your workout done for the day.

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2. Plan a workout time

As noted in the first step, setting a workout plan and marking your calendar makes you accountable. There is something about committing to writing your workout. The more you put into planning your time, the more likely you are to get it done. Make sure you have a detailed plan so that getting behind complicated things. If you show up three times a week, it is easy to put off. Having a schedule of arms, legs, chest, back, cardio with two rest days between, makes it difficult to rearrange your week and still finish your goal. Pack your gym bag the day before and put it by the door, put your shoes by the gym bag. Plan for early in the day to get it done, this way there is nothing that can come up causing you to push it off until later or another day. Get it done, do it early, make your plan and commit to it in writing.


3. Set goals

A study in the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology found that setting weekly targets make you more likely to maintain your commitment than having vague easily movable goals. Do not think “Get to the gym three times this week”.  Think to add 10 pounds to my bench press without losing reps, or burn 2000 calories this week exercising, lose 2 pounds by Friday for a more solid goal. Concrete goals give you a more severe need than setting a time limit that you can always push off until later. Even better, mix it up and set weight and rep goals. Seek out to add 10 pounds to your bench press and lose two pounds of fat this week. Change up your goals every week and do not keep them static. This way you are always seeking to push yourself. If you can add ten pounds to ten reps in 2 days, make it 15 pounds and 12 reps the next week for a more difficult goal. The goal should be challenging to reach every week.

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4. Make it Double Rewarding

Working out has its rewards in health, energy, weight loss and well being. But, you can also give yourself a post-workout reward in the form of a trip to Starbucks, eating at a favorite restaurant, or even a weekly reward treating yourself every Saturday after a week of keeping your goals. Another tie-in is we all need off days. Pick a day of the week for an off day to reward yourself with a relaxing day. Remember, this is not an excuse to binge on junk food ruining your results. Rather than treating yourself to ice cream, look for something healthy you enjoy like a trip to the beach or a smoothie.


5. Be Optimistic

This one is obvious, but listening to motivational speeches and pumping yourself up with positive images and thoughts do work. Remember the positive feelings from your goals, people seeing you at the beach, fitting into those old pants. Listen to music that makes you happy. Positivity keeps you motivated for your workouts and in life.

One of the keys to motivation is persistence and repetition. If you have to take baby steps to the goal that is fine, a baby step is better than no steps. One thing is clear, no matter how much you may not want to work out, once you do it, you will not regret it. So, pump yourself up, make a plan today to get that routine done tomorrow!


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