Frog Crunches

Frog Crunches
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Crunches are the best exercise for weight loss and abs building and frog crunch exercise is one of them. To gain perfectly crafted and flawless abs, frog crunches is one of the important crunching exercises. Frog crunch is just like a simple traditional crunch with slightly fractional movement difference.

With the help of frog crunch, one can build abs with a blistering pace as this exercise mainly works on the abs muscles. It helps to improve the metabolism and reduce the obesity by working on degrading the unnecessary fats collected around your tummy area. Apart from abs, frog crunches also play a vital role in establishing and strengthening quads and hip flexors. However, if you also want to work on the opposite muscles apart from the abs muscle then our recommended exercise for you is alternating superman.

As the name frog crunches state that this exercise has to do something related to frog shape. Well, that is the right thing to imagine. Moreover, you do not require any equipment or gym trainer to perform a perfect frog crunch. The only thing you require to perform this exercise is some safe space inside or outside of your home with an exercise mat to position yourself on it for exercise.

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Like any other exercises, you need to perform it in the perfect way to gain accurate results. It is as equally important how you do it as well as how many of them you do. So, in order to gain astonishing results and getting rid of fats and obesity or to gain a hardcore and beautiful six pack abs you need to follow our instructions word by word very carefully.

Frog Crunches


Method to perform Perfect Frog Crunches

There are a lot of imperative motivations to fortify your abs that have nothing do with what you look like, however, there’s no denying that an etched center looks hot and can rest easy. In case you’re set for the condition your lower abs, the essential crunch just won’t cut it. Also, before performing frog crunches make sure your body is ready for this exercise. Furthermore, in order to perform it, one should do some warm-up exercise. After that, attempt this variety that objectives your pooch:

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  • Start on your back with your hands behind your head and your elbows as wide apart as of shoulders width. Keeping your foot rear areas together and toes brought up, convey your knees to touch your elbows as you play out a crunch, bringing your upper back and take off the floor.
  • Keeping your abs connected with and heels together, protract your legs far from your inside as you bring down your go to the floor.
  • Draw your legs once more into the frog position to finish one full rep. Make a point to pull your navel to your spine all through this activity.


How many reps and sets of Frog Crunches one should perform?

The stamina of every person varies from the other. On an average, a person who is performing frog crunches on daily routine basis should perform at least three sets of it. Also, make sure that each set should consist of 10-15 reps each.

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