Front Raises Muscles Worked

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Seated Bent-over Lateral Raise exercise focuses on posterior deltoid a neglected area, in contrast, Front raises muscles worked exercise sets target of a forward-facing region of shoulders. This exercise is helpful for beginners, although you can make your shoulders stronger. It’s an isolation exercise just because it is just for shoulder work out and one joint only.

Hence, the exercise is done by using a pair of dumbbells and makes them straight to the eyes. So, in this exercise use a good and straight standing position to weigh the dumbbells.




Benefits of Front Raise Muscles Worked

As mentioned above, the exercise is for one joint that is an anterior region of the shoulder; you can gain a greatly sized muscle in an anterior region. Also, you can gain more power in your shoulders and you can lift a great weight. Also, you would have sculptured shoulders and chest.

Due to this exercise on daily basis, you will see a change in your body. Therefore, you should make it a daily routine based exercise especially if you target shoulder and arm.

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Not only your muscles become bigger in size but your primary muscles also developed as well.


Instructions of Front Raises Muscles Worked:

First, stand straight, keep your legs together and extend arms straight to the floor.

Second, hold a couple of dumbbells with palms, facing thighs and elbows should be straight.

Thirdly, uplift the dumbbells one by one and bend slightly elbows to have stress on them.

Fourthly, raise your arm up to your eye level. And make sure that arm is parallel to the ground.

In last, lower your one arm to the starting position and then raise another and similarly, repeat the same action that you have repeated before.



First: Don’t weigh heavy weight dumbbells.

Second: Don’t play with dumbbells and move them in a swing.

Finally: Make sure that you are standing straight.


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