Guide to Healthy Weight Loss: Meal Planning and Portion Control

Meal Planning and Portion Control
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Obesity or excessive weight is an issue that many people are dealing with in the current world. While exercising is what everyone thinks of when it comes to achieving healthy weight loss, it is important to appreciate that healthy dieting plays an essential role as well.

On your own, controlling the food you take and planning your meals appropriately might be a challenging task. Opting for the advice of a dietician is a great idea. In recent times, we have been treated to another option – meal delivery market. The players in this industry can help by choosing the appropriate meal and delivering it to you. One such service provider is Diet-to-go.


Meal Planning and Portion Control


Meal Planning and Portion Control

Premier meal delivery options

You might have heard of South Beach Diet and Nutrisystem as some of the renowned meal delivery options in the weight loss arena. Diet-to-go is another major player in this industry. Upon signing up, the team will deliver 2-3 meals on a daily basis. If observed appropriately, the meals should be able to help you lose weight the healthy way.

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The sent meals are specially selected by experienced dietitians and prepared by chefs. Unlike other dietary foods, these are real meals that are delicious. One reviewer’s opinion of the diet is that Diet-to-go also observes portion control besides considering quality. They strive to ensure the clients take the right quantities to help with effective, healthy weight loss.

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Different plans for different people

While everyone signing up for Diet-to-go has the ultimate objective of healthy weight loss, it is understandable that people are different in terms of dietary needs. To help take care of that, this meal delivery option has different plans including those for vegetarians, diabetics, and others. Taking a closer look at the details will reveal more.


Balance Plan

In their menu, this is the top-rated plan. For this plan, one has the option of selecting meals for 5 days or the entire 7 days depending on their needs. You will also have to make up your mind on whether you will be taking two or three meals every day. Ultimately, there is a difference in terms of price depending on your choices.

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There are different plans for both men and women. Men’s diets feature 1600 calories per day while women will eat 1200 calories daily. The foods are rated heart-healthy and are low in cholesterol and sodium.


Carb30 Plan

This is the ideal plan for low-carb diet lovers. It aims at substituting carbs with fat. Under this plan, you will take meals such as cheeses, eggs, and meat. A day’s meal only comprises 30 net carbs. It is not advisable to add extra sugars when following this diet.


Balance Diabetics

The meals are designed with diabetics in mind. The plan includes proper fats and carbohydrates for these people. Notably, the meals can also help people prevent type 2 diabetes for those who are out to manage pre-diabetic symptoms. The meals help to control one’s blood sugar, fat, carbs and cholesterol. It can be effective in losing 5-10 pounds.

Controlling your diet in terms portion and quality is important when it comes to healthy weight loss. You can always take advantage of meal delivery services to help you handle this. However, be careful about your choice of service provider in order to get good results.

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