Hard Whiteheads Under Skin

Hard Whitehead under the skin
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Hard whiteheads under skin are also called milia, and small like pearls and grains of sand having a diameter of 1 to 2 millimeters; mostly appear on cheeks, foreheads, and nose and around the eyes, but luckily they are not harmful. Hence, some people want to get rid of this because they don’t like them on the skin but if it’s not hurting you don’t need to be a worry. To know more about it you can also search what do whiteheads look like. They develop with keratin and bacteria comes out to the skin surface, pore ends up clogged with sebum and dead skin cells and appeared as a round shape but they are not pimples.


Hard Whitehead under the skin


Causes of Hard Whiteheads under Skin:

There are a few factors involved in forming milia on the skin surface, to some of them we can control and to some we cannot. If you have an oily skin then oil will form whiteheads. Hormonal changes also create them. Below are the main factors in the formation of milia.

  • Hormonal Changes
  • Cleansing Habits
  • Stress
  • Hereditary Factors
  • Puberty
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Hormonal Changes:

Hormonal changes affect women particularly. Women face them during pregnancy and after pregnancy too. They also face milia during their menstrual period.

Cleansing Habits:

Cleansing habits also a cause of milia, if we have good habits of cleansing and adopt better ways to be clean then there will be rare chances of whiteheads.

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Cells that form sebum contain receptors of stress because these cells become irregular and produce high sebum.


Puberty is a factor on which we have no control and can’t stop acne to come out. Most of the acne comes out due to puberty.


How to Get Rid Of Hard Whiteheads under Skin:

Whiteheads are hard but tiny, lying under the thin layer of skin; these are not painful and not create swelling and redness on the skin. But some people want to get rid of these hard bumps.

For this, you wouldn’t worry about and have to be patient. Don’t touch and squeeze them, if you squeeze they will form germs and be harmful. So follow given instructions.

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Clean and exfoliate the skin:

Take a towel and dip it into warm clean water, then use that towel gently on skin to bring tapped keratin to the skin surface.


Take a hot shower or boil water and take steam for a while and gently rub the sweating with a clean towel.

Rose water or honey:

Use rose water in daily routine or use a honey mask for the skin.

Avoid picking or poking:

Avoid bumps picking and pocking, because if a bump is squeezed and poked, the infection becomes worse than before.


Sunscreen Vs Whitening creams for hard whiteheads under the skin:

Don’t use whitening creams as they have dangerous chemicals. So don’t use them and try to use sunscreen instead of whitening cream.


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