Headache On Top Of Head

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A headache on top of head is usually described as a pain that feels like a tight band around the head or a heavy weight on the head or a pressure around the forehead or head. Other muscles like shoulder and neck may be hurt along with a headache. The pain can be longer for 30 minutes or more. It is a worrying situation but it depends on its trigger point in different people.

This pain is caused by many reasons as you take pressure on your head for any tension or workload, or by using excessive use of cell phones etc.

So we’ll explain the causes of a headache that creates too much pressure on the head.




Causes of a Headache on Top of Head:

There are different causes of pain in the head and they have different trigger points in the head in different individuals.

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Tension-type headache:

It creates a mild to moderate pain and it is not worsted during normal daily activities. It is brought by tension and stress or tiredness. Head and neck are affected.

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Bath thunderclap:

This is a sudden headache and caused by hot water use for a bath.

Sleep deprivation:

If you use a poor posture for sleeping, it will affect your neck and creates pain in the neck so neck pain will be extended to head.

Chronic headaches:

Stress, tension and lack of sleep may cause chronic headaches.

A Migraine:

About 20% of individuals call it a pain on the top of the head. A Migraine is less common but it may become severe and rotates from the top of the head or one side of the head or can be found down at the back of the neck.

Idiopathic stabbing:

It is a sudden and a sharp pain on the top of the head but it’s not dangerous.

Brain freeze:

In cold temperature, we sometimes eat ice cream or use a large quantity of ice and cold drinks that may cause brain freeze. It appears at the top of the head for a few minutes and disappears as the cold temperature in the head gone.

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Fever headaches:

It is developed during fever and caused by swelling of blood vessels and infections.

Hunger headaches:

It is developed just before the meal time and caused by missing a meal, muscles tension and low blood pressure.


It is located in different areas including the top of the head also caused by injury in the neck or head.


It is created when people feel restless and sleeplessness.


Women feel this pain in the head when they wear a pony or a band on the head. It disappears when you remove the pony.

Acoustic neuroma surgery:

An operation to remove a rare benign tumor can cause a headache in many patients.


How to Relieve a Headache On Top Of Head:


You should have a message on back muscles, splenius capitis and on the head to remove the pain. Because massage is the best cure to relieve pain instead of using different pills.

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Don’t be sleeplessness and try to remove some work stress. Taking a good sleep and sleeping posture can remove or lessen a headache.


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