Hook Grip Deadlifting

Hook Grip Deadlifting
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The hook grip deadlift is a version of the deadlift in which you wrap your 4 palms, out of your index finger for your pinky, over the pinnacle of the bar after which wrap them over the top of your thumb as properly. By using wrapping your arms (especially your index and center fingers) over the pinnacle of your thumb, you’re assuming that the bar will stay in an area and you may no longer lose your grip. The nice manner I love to explain that is that it must act nearly like a couple of straps whilst you are pulling at the bar. Your thumb is trapped beneath your arms and should stay there during the entire raise. The hook grip deadlift turned into first made famous by means of Olympic lifters because they are now not allowed to put on straps, and has been picked up by way of several professional powerlifters as well.


How Do I Start Hook Grip Deadlifting

I started out hook grip deadlifting by using chance however also with the aid of necessity. We were operating on a few deadlift positioning paintings one morning at vintage faculty fitness center all through training, and Cory Gregory recommended that I have to maybe try and hook grip deadlift. He noted that when you consider that I was a traditional dead lifter, it could help me get into a better position. When I used to be the use of a combined grip, I used to be in reality struggling to get my lats engaged and additionally take a seat lower back and get my shoulders at the back of the bar. (For every inch your shoulders are in front of the bar, it subtracts more or less 10-15 kilos from your deadlift). So, I attempted the hook grip deadlift and worked as much as a truly smooth 455-pound deadlift and reduce it there. At the time, that becomes a weight that I should get, but become now not clean, so I knew I used to be onto something. The majority are an awful lot stronger than they believe they may be, they simply have to locate the positioning that brings out their most powerful.

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Hook Grip Deadlifting


Benefits of the Hook Grip Deadlift

As I stated in advance, certainly one of the biggest blessings I observed after I switched from a mixed grip deadlift to a hook grip deadlift became my positioning. I experience like I can sit again in a much higher role in which I am getting extra power from my hamstrings, which is the strongest a part of the legs. My pace off the ground on account that I switched grips has been nasty! I used to battle to get the bar moving, and now that isn’t always a trouble at all. One of the most crucial matters you may do in powerlifting is to place yourself in the function where you’re the most powerful. Your most powerful role won’t be similar to your training associate’s so that you should do a number of works to figure out what yours is.

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When I hook grip deadlift, I also sense like my lats are in a miles higher function. One of the least-talked about elements of the deadlift is the engagement inside the lats, but I sense like it is one of the most important. If your butt is flying up and you cannot preserve your lats engaged to the bar, the likelihood of damage is plenty higher, and the quantity you’re going on the way to elevate goes to lower significantly. While I exploit an alternated grip, I feel like simplest one aspect of my frame is activated that can result in a completely crooked deadlift! The other obvious gain of the hook grip is that it allows for phenomenal grip strength and avoids the capacity of biceps tears that comes from deadlifting with a supinated grip. I’ve deadlifted with a hook grip for two meets now and have hit a private great of 525 pounds and slightly ignored 550 pounds.

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