Как да бъдат здрави и годни за юноши

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Do you really want to know that как да бъдем здрави и годни тийнейджър? Any kind of routine, physical movement can enhance your fitness and your health. The most critical thing is that you continue moving! Exercise should be a normal piece of your day, such as brushing your teeth, храня се, and dozing. It can be in exercise center class, се присъедини към група за игри, or working out alone.

Останете позитивни и имат един тон от забавление. A decent mental state of mind is essential. Открийте едно движение, което смятате, че е приятно.


Как да бъдем здрави и годни тийнейджър



Keep it in mind to warm up with some simple activities or gentle extending before you do any physical activity. This warms your muscles up and may help secure against damage. Extending makes your muscles and joints more adaptable as well. It is additionally imperative to extend after you exercise to chill off your muscles.

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Your objective must be to do some sort of activity consistently. It is best to do some sort of oxygen-consuming movement without halting for no less than 20 да се 30 минути всеки път. Do all the exercise you can do easily and within time move on to the hard one. You can also see that how to be fit in 1 седмица and live a healthy life.

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Watch less TV or invest less energy playing PC or computer games. (Utilize this opportunity to practice rather!) Or practice while sitting in front of the TV (например, Седнете на пода и направи коремни преси и се простира; utilize hand weights; или да се използва велоергометър, неблагодарна работа, или стълбищни катерач).

Яжте 3 solid dinners daily, включително не по-малко от 4 порции от естествени продукти, 5 порции зеленчуци, и 4 порции млечни елементи. Don’t forget to drink a lot of water daily. How to be healthy and fit teenager article will help you in to become a healthier and positive person.

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What would I be able to do to get more fit?

я достигне бавно и внимателно. Little switches can mean better fitness. Например, walk or ride your bicycle to class or to your relatives or friends home as opposed to getting a ride. Get on or off the transport a few traffic lights away and walk whatever remains of the way. Utilize the stairs as opposed to taking the lift or elevator.

Gets your heart pumping? Каквото и да изберете, ensure it incorporates oxygen-consuming action that influences you to inhale harder and build your heart rate. This is the best sort of activity since it expands your wellness level and influences your heart and lungs to work better. It equally consumes off muscle versus fat. Do play with the ball, бягане, or go swimming.


After reading it all you will know that how to be healthy and fit. If you want to know to want to know that как да бъдем здрави и годни тийнейджър check this post too.

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