想想看,你可以得到更大的后屁股没有医疗过程或对接输注的可能性. 相信与否, 这是可以想象的! 有手工制作的面霜负荷, 营养, and normal guidelines that 如何让你的臀部大 and your hips more extensive. 加入运动做平衡, 你看上去就会令人惊叹!


如何获得更大的臀部FAST AT HOME



这是每一个女士的幻想有大, 圆形底座. 然而, 只是一对夫妇成功的. 一些投资时间在训练中心, 然而, 他们的努力都是徒劳的. 其他决定屁股的医疗程序, 传达潜在危险.

无论您的货物是否太少, 过度下垂, 或过度软盘, 有办法, 使得它不可能改变它的形状和大小. 医疗手术必须是你的最后手段. 所有的情况都被考虑到了, 女士们没办法奢侈面霜或手术了这一点, 然而,尽管一切, 他们看起来真棒.

作为开始, it’s important to change your eating routine. Certain nourishments can help enhance your body creation and fat dissemination designs. 实质上, your body will start to store fat in the correct spots, 例如, your hips and backside. 此外, you’ll assemble slender muscle and dispose of fat, which prompts a greater base.


Food supplements help as well. Maca root, 胡芦巴, angle oil, fennel seeds, and Dong Quai can build the measure of your butt and hips. At the point when joined with work out, their advantages are considerably more significant.

You can also attempt to handcrafted creams to decrease the presence of cellulite and stretch imprints. Certain fixings, 例如, ground espresso, apple juice vinegar, Epsom salts, and basic oils, empower fat consuming and increment muscle tone. 也, they enable you to flush out richness water, so your butt and legs will look firmer.

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在过去很长, bear in mind about at-home activities. Bodyweight squats lurch, glute spans, hip pushes, and other butt-forming moves work ponder for your body. 最好的, you can practice whenever, day or night.

无论如何, what are you sitting tight for? How to get bigger buttocks fast at home?



一样一样的你的脸和头发, 您的货物需要一吨崇拜. 本地构建霜将不只是让你的屁股仍然坚挺, 此外, 减少脂肪和酒窝. 根据您的倾向或有, 试图伴随连击:

diy creams


  • 希腊酸奶和香蕉
  • 土豆泥的, 原油花蜜, 和鸡蛋
  • 地面咖啡, 柠檬汁, 海洋盐, 和橄榄油
  • 椰子油
  • 苹果汁醋和额外的初榨橄榄油
  • 柠檬, 温水, 和花蜜
  • 地面咖啡和核桃
  • 饱和霜, 橄榄油, 和罗勒油


例如, 你可以混合香蕉希腊酸奶脂肪自己特定的敌人影响膏. 混合应用到你的屁股和背部擦好, 与寒冷的水后洗净. 每星期它不下三次做. 在您希望事件, 其中包括一对夫妇的基础油的滴的一个令人振奋的香气.

地面咖啡, 海洋盐, 和深色两种糖都对脂肪特别引人注目. 这些固定递增过程,增强血液,同时排出死皮细胞. 与地面咖啡的混合BackRub的你的屁股, 橄榄油, 和柠檬清理之前得到行动和去. 你的皮肤会在一瞬间更好看第二!

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Epsom Bath Salts for a Firm Butt

Epsom salts have been utilized as a weight reduction answer for more than 100 年份. Despite the fact that they don’t straightforwardly expand butt measure, they help with cellulite, extend checks, and dull skin. When you settle these issues, your base will look firmer.

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This cure is really compound of sulfates and magnesium, and your body needs these supplements to work ideally. Magnesium alone controls more than 300 biochemical responses in your framework, including your digestion, flow, electrolyte levels, 吸收, and muscle work.



When you’re washing in Epsom salts, the magnesium is specifically consumed all through your skin. Ideal magnesium levels result in better assimilation, enhanced liver capacity, and quicker recuperation from preparing. Epsom salts likewise help take out overabundance water from the body, making them perfect for those battling with liquid maintenance. You’ll lose a couple of creeps after only one shower!

除了, Epsom salts advance liver detox, diminish pressure, and lift your vitality levels by expanding ATP creation. This implies you’ll feel looser and appreciate better exercises. 此外, you’ll recoup speedier from practice and dispose of the poisons in charge of weight gain.

To receive the rewards, indicate some Epsom salts in your shower water. Competitors and wellness models have been utilizing this solution for decades to get fit as a fiddle before rivalries. On the off chance that it works for them, it will work for you as well!

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Dietary Supplements

Outstanding amongst other approaches to get a greater butt normally is to supplement your eating routine. Most sustenance these days do not have the supplements your body needs to work at its pinnacle. This prompts weight increase, metabolic irregular characteristics, hormonal disarranges, and poor in general wellbeing. Your base may be too level or droopy because of a hormonal unevenness or supplement inadequacy.

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Dietary Supplements


Dietary supplements help reestablish supplement levels in your body and advance ideal health. Some can enhance body piece and lift your digestion. Others bolster endocrine capacity and adjust your hormones.

Maca root, 例如, diminishes pressure hormone levels and controls estrogen generation, making it especially valuable for ladies. As per specialists, this herb is an endocrine adaptogen and can expand estrogen levels normally. 也, it enhances fruitfulness, eases PMS, and lifts charisma.

To get a greater butt, take fenugreek supplements. This plant advances cardiovascular wellbeing, reestablishes hormone work, and enhances resistance. It likewise diminishes menstrual inconvenience and controls glucose levels.

Because of its hyperglycemic impacts, fenugreek may help counteract diabetes and enhance insulin reaction. 因此, your body will utilize glucose all the more proficiently, which thus, assists with weight reduction.

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Great Nutrition

You need a greater butt, organize smart dieting. Great sustenance enhances your muscle-to-proportion and brings your hormones into adjusting. 此外, you’ll show signs of improvement results from your exercises and have a speedier digestion.


Great Nutrition


Load up on high-protein sustenance and sound fats. 火鸡, 鸡, lean hamburger, and eggs are a phenomenal decision. Discard the gluten, lactose, 和糖, and swap your day by day snacks for nuts and seeds. Eat your carbs when working out. Stick to protein for breakfast and supper.

These little advances can go far toward building a flawless body. There’s no compelling reason to roll out intense improvements medium-term: Start with the rudiments, keep tabs on your development, and make modifications en route.