Как да се подобри и да достигне Sit

how to improve sit and reach
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The sit and reach test is a typical measure of adaptability, and particularly measures the adaptability of the lower back and hamstring muscles. This test is essential as on the grounds that tightness here is ensnared in lumbar lordosis, forward pelvic tilt and lower back agony.


как да се подобри седне и да достигне


How to improve sit and reach

The sit and reach is a capability test that measures the adaptability of your hamstrings, bring down back and glutes. To play out the test, sit on the floor with your legs stretched out before you and your feet against the edge of a sit-and-achieve box. With arms reaching out before you, gradually twist forward at the midsection and utilize your fingers to press the tab on the crate as far forward as could be allowed. To enhance the sit-and-achieve test, take an interest in a static adaptability program that particularly focuses on the hamstrings, bring down back and glutes.

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To altogether enhance your adaptability, take an interest in a hamstring and glute extending program one to two times each day. Your extending sessions are more successful if your muscles are warm. Complete five to ten minutes of warm-up exercise that includes walking, hopping rope, which will get your blood flowing and increase temperature.

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Strategy on how to improve sit and reach

Static extending includes gradually positioning a muscle into a position where it’s stretched and you feel soft inconvenience and after that holding that situation for a timeframe. Hold each stretch for 30 секунди. Try not to twitch or bend trying to extend further. When you jolt, you start the muscle reflex, which trying to shield your muscles from damage keeps you from overstretching a muscle. Yanking isn’t just an incapable procedure for enhancing adaptability; it can bring about muscle strains.


Situated Hamstring Stretches

To focus on your hamstrings and glutes, combine situated hamstring extends into your schedule. Sit on the floor with the two legs completely reached out before you. Flex your lower legs by pulling your toes up toward your shins. While keeping your knees straight, twist forward at the belly and achieve your hands toward your feet. To address each hamstring autonomously, perform single-leg situated hamstring extends. Keep one leg broadened and twist the knee of the other leg, tucking your foot into within your thigh. Keep your shoulders square to the foot of your expanded leg and curve forward. Switch legs.

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If you can’t do sit and reach its mean you are not fit and for this read this article sensibly about как да се подобри седне и да достигне.


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