How To Lose 10 lbs Overnight

How to lose 10 lbs overnight
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We have sometimes a question that how to lose 10 lbs overnight? And we think that is it possible? Yes, it is and we will be able to lose weight overnight. We eat sodium and beverages food and high sugar contained meal these forms too much fat in the body. To lose weight you have to improve diet because diet plays 90 % role in weight. If you have a proper and low sodium meal, you would have low weight rather than the food that gives a lot of fat. You can also practice fasting by watching 16/8 intermittent fasting success stories for fast results in your body.


How to lose 10 lbs overnight


Instructions on how to lose 10 lbs overnight:

Use Low-Carb food and sodium-free liquid:

Try to cut or less carb food, if you really need it, then use a low-carb food. And never use a fat plus carb, because it gives us a lot of fat in the body. Use sodium-free liquid as sodium increases the fat so doesn’t consume sodium.

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Hydrate body:

Drink a great quantity of water, it will make the body to dehydrate and flush out the excess water at the body and keep the fluids level at a balanced level. And remember don’t drink too much water, as it will slow your kidneys to flush the water and gives you a headache and can lead to death as well.

Eat Fruits, boiled vegetables and lean meat:

Try to eat fruits in lunch and use boiled vegetables and lean meat in your meal if you want to lose weight overnight. You can also follow diet plans for weight loss.

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Black Coffee and Green Tea:

Use black coffee as it includes caffeine. Caffeine contains those particles that support autophagy and helps in lowering fat. Green tea is useful in increasing metabolic level of body, that in return burns body fat.

2 tbsp flaxseeds:

Flax has two forms as soluble and insoluble fibers. In this, the insoluble fiber is beneficial in lowering the bulk of fat. You can use them in the meal, with bread and salads etc.

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You will be surprised at reading watermelons as they are too much sweet, but in fact, these also help in reducing weight as they have low glycemic, means it has low sugar level and the body absorb sugar slowly, so don’t be worried about increasing sugar level. Because watermelon has a lot of water in it that helps in lowering the weight.

 Sleep With Your Legs Higher Than Your Heart:

As you have fluids in hands and ankles, especially in the lower body, so sleep in a position that legs should be higher than your heart, as it will help in flush the water from lower limbs.


Join a gym and ask a trainer for your healthy fitness body. Do some cardio as well. In this way, the gym exercises will help you in reducing the body fat fast.

Running, Jogging and Pushups:

You should do a morning walk and jog if you really want to decrease weight. You should run too while walking as it will increase the metabolism.

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Also do pushups, as it includes large muscles of the body to give your body a good shape. It also targets the torso and lowers back.


Benefits of How to Lose 10 Lbs Overnight:

There are many benefits of lowering weight and having exercises with it.

  • It will enhance the strength in the body and will make your body more active.
  • It will reduce pain in joints and other muscles and make you fit.
  • It will keep your body and mind fit and healthy, and you can weigh heavyweights too.


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