How To Lose 10kg in a Month Diet Plan

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Every other person in the world is seeking for the answer how to lose 10kg in a month diet plan; it’s not difficult as it seems to be. It requires great motivation for what to eat or what not to eat. When you see people with a good postured and well-structured body, they aren’t getting all this in one day; they have motivated already and all charged up.

If you have tried so many techniques to lose weight but still failed so don’t be the worry, change your diet plan and follow the following rules and instructions to lose weight.




Instructions of How to lose 10kg in a month diet plan:

Before Breakfast:

Take 1 glass of lukewarm water with lemon juice. After 1 hour eats fruits.


After 2 hours of lukewarm water and cook oats in water and eat with 5 to 6 eggs white. You can also go to a gym or can practice at home some weight loss exercises.

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Eat boiled chicken breast with boiled vegetables and after 2 hours eat black channa with tofu and 5 eggs white omelet without using any oil.


Use a full plate of salads and don’t eat chappati and rice as they consist of high carbs.


Cut out extra calories:

If you cut 500 calories, you lose 2 to 2.5kg per week. With this rate, you can achieve your monthly targeted goal.

You can cut more calories but lower calories diet is not recommended and not good for health, instead of getting low-fat body, you can have severe results, like health disorders etc.

Use free online diet plans to follow more clear and good results.


Low-carb Diet:

The low-carb diet is a plan to lower carbohydrate intake whole of the day. This can help more in burning fat tissues sooner. Carbohydrates are found in a great variety in foods and fruits. It’s not recommended that cut carb food, but don’t take those foods that are rich in a carb and you can choose low carb food.

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Avoid Junk Food:

You should avoid junk food if you want to lose 10kg in a month so try to be strict in a diet plan. because if you are avoiding junk food it means you will get a slim body, so it will motivate you. Junk food like burgers, pizza, fries, and sodas are enemies of weight loss. They increase weight and fat in the belly.


Fruits and Vegetables:

Drink fresh juice of vegetables and fruits. You can eat them raw and use boiled vegetables. Raw vegetables are a good option to lose weight.


Beat bloat:

Avoid excess use of salt and limit carb food as well as food like broccoli and beans and use lemon juice. You can also follow one meal a day success stories to lose weight.


Carb plus protein or fat:

Avoid it because it’s the worst enemy of losing weight, you can use protein with fat, but you cannot use protein with carb or fat with the carb.

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Green Tea:

Use green tea after dinner and before going to bed. Because green tea has some key elements that help in burning the fat by increasing the metabolism level in the body.


How to Lose 10kg in a Month Diet with Black Coffee:

Use black coffee before breakfast as it has those elements which support autophagy. Autophagy helps to reduce weight.


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