How to Lose 20kg in a Week

How to Lose 20kg in a Week
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Are you worried about the extra weight of body you have gained but didn’t want to and upset about how to lose 20kg in a week, so read this article till the end:

People with heavy and fat body want to become smart because others make fun of them and fat people sometimes dishearted, and apply those ways of being perfect, which are harmful to their health and body.

There are some of the problems that make us fat and have a bad posture body. You have an extra belly and size in the body when you eat something bad like junk food and don’t have a good diet plan.

There are different ways to be smart and have a well-structured body given below, so here is a good solution for you:


How to Lose 20kg in a Week


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Below are 10 ways on How to lose 20kg in a week

Herbal Drink

To reduce extra weight of the body, follow the instructions:

How to Make:

For herbal drinking, the ingredients you need are:

  • Lemon juice
  • Turmeric
  • Honey
  • Water
  • Cinnamon powder
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Take a saucepan, add one cup of water and boil it for 5 minutes, in boiling water, add one tbsp turmeric and mix it well. Add one tbsp of lemon juice and honey in this mixture and mix these entire well. Strain the drink and pour in a glass or a cup, add the cinnamon powder in it and mix again.

How to use:

Drink it 3 times a day before taking a meal.

Drink filtered water is also important for weight loss. Drink a lot of water but not too much; it helps not only in weight loss but in making the skin more smooth and glowing.


Cut Junk Food and add simple food to a meal:

Don’t eat junk food and cut this food from a meal, and use simple food like salads, boiled vegetables etc. Eat low-carb foods to lose weight, eat fish, lean meat and poultry but check calories level too. Avoid pizza, burger, fries soda, cheese, and oily food as well; also avoid foods with a high sugar and salt. To lose weight you also have to follow free online diet plans, as it’s a less time-consuming procedure and can easily watch videos about this and can read articles too for a good diet plan.

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To lose weight, you can never rely only on a meal plan; you have to do some workout. Join a gym and ask a trainer to train you well.

Follow the instructions of the trainer and follow the rules of the trainer. You need to weigh some weights to lose extra weight. Or you can do a workout at home. At home, you can do this twice a day because a workout increases basal metabolic rate and it goes higher so it takes a time to be normal, so if you do the workout this rate will increase and will help in burning more calories.


Yoga classes:

You can join yoga classes as well to lose weight but for yoga, you have to motivate and believe in yourself and make it a daily routine and don’t deprive yourself.



Apple is considered the best fruit to cut your extra weight because having much visceral fat in the belly, you need to eat apply daily; it helps in reducing the waist size as well. To lose 3 pounds overnight you have to limit your sodium consumption and eat more watermelon.

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Running, Jogging, skipping rope and Pushups to lose 20kg in a week:

Make walking a mile per day your routine if you want to lose weigh in a week. Walking on a daily basis burns calories amount. Jogging and running is a primary stuff, get an mp3 player and set up for running and run 1.5 hours a day and 15 km per day. If you get tired while running you can also walk during running.

Include pushups in daily routine as well, find a peaceful place, take a mat, and do pushups on that mat.

You can also include skipping rope into your daily exercise, for skipping do 5 sets and follow this for a week and eat after 2 hours of running.


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