An attractive body can make you more confidence and if you want to know 如何让你的臀部大 without exercise. Then you are on right place because this piece will help you in make your buttocks bigger and sexy. Nowadays it’s a dream of girls to have a sexy body that makes them stand out.

I have been having level chested for my entire life, yet with an ass, it never jumped out at me that others would need what I had. Recalling it divines well since you can fake cleavage, however you beyond any doubt as wrongdoing can’t fake an ass.

One of my friends has a level tuckus and when I say level, I mean curved. Regardless of what pants she purchased, they just wouldn’t sit up on the grounds that there was nothing there to hold them up. Watching her battle with steady handyman’s split made me think; there must be an answer.




I generally guaranteed my friends that on the off chance that she hit 30 and her butt hadn’t transformed, I would dole out the batter for a Brazilian butt lift. Since I would prefer truly not to shill out a great many dollars on somebody else body, I figured it was high time I took to the web to discover an answer. Being the smart web surfer that I am, I discovered a few common different options to butt improvement medical procedure.


In the event that you have a minor tush and are hoping to stout your rear end normally, listen intently in light of the fact that I have a couple of traps up to my sleeve on the best way to make your bum greater!

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Tips on how to make your buttocks bigger without exercise

Presently before we get into it, I need to state the majority of my tips on the best way to make your bum greater include supplements or characteristic herbs that you need to consolidate into your day by day schedule. 它会使你的臀部大,你会是最幸福的大地上. 他们的卓越反正是他们在整体上完全通用,安全地为您利用! Win!



原产于南美洲, this organic product is ready with Vitamin A and C. 它同样具有丰富的植物雌激素, 油酸腐蚀性和电解质这对提高货物必不可少.



由于可怕的,因为它听起来, 它实际上是只; 从乳品动物卵巢. 砸了下来并投入药丸形状, 这是一种类型的腺治疗的. 通过摄取该器官, 它模仿你的身体内部的影响,并帮助您的垂体机关提供发展的荷尔蒙. 长话短说, 这会影响你的身体进入第二茸毛样的状态,所以你会看到你的最爱的女人部位的改进 (胸部和屁股!).



Buruti油惊人的石油装载基本不饱和脂肪, 油酸腐蚀性和棕榈酸. 它是定期对接升级有价值的,因为它让你的肌肤紧致有紧, 这样你就不会因为你开发延伸检查. In the mix with the aguaje natural product, 你有一个真棒补充.

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因为它们很快摄取并影响你的皮肤看起来饱满欧米茄不饱和脂肪是非凡的改进. 在点时擦到你的hiney, 这些油可以如此有用. After reading this article you will permanently know 如何在不运动的情况下使臀部变大.



声音完全犹豫, 但我想这是要求不高折腾他们所有类似的分类标题下. 您可以口服一些草药,也可以将其添加到面霜中以帮助您摆脱困境。. 下一次你打你附近的健康商店调查随附; 胡芦巴, 锯棕榈, 茴香, 豆瓣, 刺青睐, dong quai, and wild yam.

In the event that these herbs sound well-known, this is on account of they also help common bosom upgrade. Few herbs also help 为了减肥 and let you know how to get a smooth face like a baby.



This normal amino corrosive is the thing that energizes your adrenal, pituitary and thyroid organs; all of which control hormone creation. L-Tyrosine encourages improvement by bumping your hormones to deliver somewhat more development hormone.



没有, I’m not discussing McDonald’s. This generally utilized Australian slang name is really a superfood. Rich with vitamins, 矿物质, 不饱和脂肪, amino acids and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, this root plant and all its solid fats help stout your rear end. Maca likewise contains alkaloids that invigorate your pituitary organ to discharge more estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone.

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Pueraria Mirifica

Containing intense phytoestrogens, this plant imitates the impacts of estradiol to enable you to create more ladylike bends.



Produced using a mix of plant removes; Volufiline fortifies the advancement of greasy tissues in your body. The more fat, the greater your behind.


Zhi Mu

This minor lily root urges your fat cells to separate and increase since it collaborates with your fat cells. At the point when joined with other goods boosting apparatuses like Volufiline, the outcomes can be very significant. So there you have it goods rulers. Include a couple of these characteristic contrasting options to your day by day routine and make the most of their butt improving impacts.

Have you attempted common butt improvement strategies or do you have any tips on the best way to make your bum greater? Provided that this is true, dish them and make sure to share your rear end pounding abundance of learning!

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