How to Spend Two Perfect Days in Bogota

How to Spend Two Perfect Days in Bogota
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Bogota is a city of 8.8 million people, and that number doesn’t account for the tourists. The city is very busy, beautiful, and eclectic. Here you can find anything from exquisite architecture that dates back centuries to modern skyscrapers. Having only two days to spend in this city will make deciding on which places to visit extremely hard. There are just too many attractions in Bogota. This means you should start with the must-see spots and expand on your future visits.


Top 6 Things to Do in Bogota While You Are on a Two-Day Trip

1: Visit Jardin Botanico de Bogota

Jardin Botanico de Bogota


The Bogota Botanic Garden is not a place to miss because this is where you can witness the biodiversity of Colombia. This country is renowned for its natural treasures. You can get some idea of just how incredible local wildlife is by visiting this garden. It’s the biggest one in Colombia and one of the best on the continent.

The orchid collection in this botanic garden is nothing short of amazing. However, there are many other flowers that are as beautiful and even more exotic than famed orchids. Some rare flowers from the Amazonian jungle are sure to make a lasting impression.


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2: Admire street graffiti

Admire street graffiti


While exploring the city, you should take routes that will allow you to take in some of Bogota’s renowned graffiti. Not only is street art legal in the city, but it’s also one of Bogota’s main modern attractions, says The Guardian.

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Graffiti on the streets of Bogota is extremely versatile and goes well beyond what most people expect to see after hearing the word. These are legitimate works of art that turn a walk through some parts of the city into a very special experience.


3: Take a guided tour

Take a guided tour


Bogota is too big a city to explore on your own, especially if you are on a two-day trip. Therefore, you should use the benefits offered by guides who can take you around and show you all the most notable places. This will be easy as you can get a free tour. Due to this service, you will be able to learn about the history and landmarks of the city regardless of your budget.

With the help of a guide, you’ll be able to identify the main attractions of the city and decide which you want to study more closely. A short tour through the streets will also help you learn your way around.


4: Visit the Museum of Gold

Museum of Gold


Museo del Oro is one of the most famous museums in Colombia. Considering that the majority of people only know this country due to El Dorado, a rumored city of solid gold, the role of this metal in the country’s culture is huge.

The Museum of Gold in Bogota will allow you to see some masterpieces that date back millennia. You will learn how the ancient civilizations worked with the metal and see some of the masterpieces that survived to this day. This museum has over 55,000 precious artifacts.

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5: Marvel at Santuario Nuestra Senora del Carmen

Marvel at Santuario Nuestra Senora del Carmen


Santuario Nuestra Senora del Carmen is a church you will never forget. It’s an architectural marvel that looks like a mix of regal baroque basilicas of Florence and a gingerbread house designed by Gaudi. Seeing this masterpiece is a must no matter how little time you spend in Bogota.

The interior of the church is even more impressive, so be sure to check it out. Keep at least an hour free in your itinerary because you won’t be leaving this amazing place fast.


6: Climb the Monserrate Mountain

Monserrate Mountain


Looking at the city from the top of Monserrate Mountain is one of the essential things to do in Bogota. The view is spectacular and will allow you to get some idea of just how huge the city is.

Take the funicular train to save some time and start enjoying the views on your way up. You can prolong the pleasure by taking an hour-long walk down the mountain.


General Tips for a Trip to Bogota: How to Stay Safe

Bogota isn’t the safest place for a tourist, so you need to be careful during your trip. According to safe around, the risk level is medium, but it gets high for pickpocketing and scams. Therefore, a no-theft bag and slash-proof straps for your precious camera are essential. You should also use only the services of reputed travel agencies and various businesses that offer services to tourists. Book what you can in advance after checking reviews online.

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Other essential safety tips for a traveler in Bogota include:

  • Stay only in reputed hotels/hostels in safe neighborhoods.
    Finding safe accommodation in Bogota is essential and you should never take risks with this. Only stay in the northern parts of the city because they are safer. Check in advance what kind of security measures the hotel/hostel has, as there have been cases of gang attacks.
  • Keep a low profile.
    Don’t flaunt your wealth or even the fact that you are a tourist on the streets of Bogota. Make sure your wallet always stays in a theft-proof bag and don’t wear expensive jewelry or tech on you.
  • Avoid ATMs.
    If you need to withdraw some money, do so in a bank. But it’s best to pack enough cash with you. Using an ATM in the street at night is an invitation to mugging or even worse, kidnapping. If you need to use the machine, use one in front of a bank or inside a mall.

Bogota can be as safe as any other tourist hotspot in Latin America. You just need to be mindful of your surroundings and personal security.


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