How to Stay in Great Shape After Winter Holidays 5 Health Tips

How to Stay in Great Shape After Winter Holidays 5 Health Tips-1
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The holidays have come to an end, leaving behind quite unpleasant consequences: dehydrated skin, a ruined daily routine, and a couple of extra pounds. We will tell you how to get back to great shape without suffering at the beginning of the new year.

Hard to believe, but the New Year holidays are over, and free hookup sites offer you many great matches to go on a date with. Feeling unconfident about that? It’s time to take care of yourself and get fit again after a continuous celebration. You may be asking yourself: is it too late for me to get in great shape? Such a task often seems impossible as many of us can hardly overcome laziness. But each coming year is a new challenge and another chance to correct mistakes.

How to Stay in Great Shape After Winter Holidays 5 Health Tips-1

The New Year’s holidays are a time for simple miracles we’ve been waiting for for so long. A week of rest from the work routine, a joyful feast, gatherings with family. A week off is often reflected in the training system. Someone decides to take a break, including physical activity, and someone does not have time for training due to too busy plans. Therefore, today we’ll share with you some great ways to get back into shape and make it comfortable.

Losing Weight after Holidays: Things You Shouldn’t Do

When we see actors who are in great shape in their 40s and then our own bodies in the mirror after the holidays…  Familiar? The first desire is to follow a strict diet. A week of porridge, a couple of fasting days or only apples – a little suffering, and harmony is just around the corner!

However, these stressful weight loss methods often fail. Even if you manage to lose a couple of pounds, they usually return within the next two weeks, as soon as you shift to your regular diet. All the effort turns out to be wasted.

It happens primarily because the body is exposed to severe stress. After almost a month of plentiful and varied food, it experiences a sudden deprivation. It interprets such starvation in the same way as in the days of the cavemen: a catastrophe has happened, and to survive, you need maximum reserves of nutrients. As a result, what you eat after such a strict diet begins to be deposited as fat.

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Besides, stress is experienced not only by the body but also by the mind. After a hungry day, you always want something tasty to reward yourself for the torment. The risk of overeating high-calorie, sweet, or fatty foods increases significantly.

And that’s not to mention the fact that restrictive diets are harmful to the gastrointestinal tract. As a rule, foods recommended for such mono-diets have an outstandingly high content of acids. Adding those to the hydrochloric acid of gastric juice (which continues to be produced, although there is not much food), you risk getting gastritis.

So, it can be concluded that proper weight loss means a smooth, gradual, balanced diet. Want to get in great shape? Follow our advice, and you’ll be able to return to the pre-holiday form. Even if not very quickly, you will get a stable, pleasing result without stress and harm to your health. Let’s take a closer look at how to get in great shape after the holidays.

Maintain Physical Activity

Make a Workout Plan

Of course, restoring a great body shape is a difficult task. It must be approached responsibly so as not to harm the body. Try setting small goals for yourself every day: go to bed earlier, cut down on high-calorie foods, break away from TV shows, and spend more time outdoors. And before you first visit a gym, it’s better to make an exercise plan.

Don’t forget it is not safe to jump into high loads during training, especially if your goal is a great shape at 50. Start small and gradually increase your running speed or lifting weight. The number of exercises and repetitions should neither be huge. In general, a pre-written program will help you focus.

Start Wisely

How to get into great cardio shape after the holidays? After a break, the main task of training is to use the maximum number of muscle groups at work. The most comfortable way to start is cardio. Aerobic training prepares the cardiovascular system for intense exercise, helps stabilize weight, warms up muscles, and allows you to return to your usual training speed smoothly.

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Another great way to stay in shape is to stretch the main muscles. Power loads are more difficult for the body, so you should not overload yourself with strength training immediately after a break, especially with a heavyweight.

To correctly calculate the adequate load, focus on the duration of the break. If you want to get in great shape, workouts should have 60-70% of the usual load after a week of rest. For 2 weeks – 50-60%; if the break is longer, reduce the load to 40-30%. After 2-3 workouts, start gradually building up your training volume. In this mode, work for about 3-4 weeks, returning to the usual loads. Consider your special workouts, for example, choose the training plan for women with excess weight or middle-aged men in great shape.

Take Every Opportunity to Train

The easiest way to return to training after the holidays is… right if you do not take a break from training! How to get in great running shape in a month? During the holidays, you have an excellent opportunity to increase your running shape, for which you might not have enough time on weekdays. Yes, the lack of a clear daily routine sometimes interferes with self-organization, but do pull yourself together. Get up an hour earlier or invite friends to share the news on the run, and not in a cafe. You get tired fast? Just look at those former smokers in great shape. Aren’t they a great motivation? A bonus is wonderful weather which gives an excellent opportunity to train outdoors even for those who don’t like cold. Take advantage of this while you have a few days off left.

Move More

The usual weight gain during the New Year holidays is about 3-4 lbs. If walking to the fridge was your favorite sport throughout the first week of January, start gradually exercising. After work, take a short walk, go to the ice rink with friends, or try snowboarding or skiing on the weekends. During the day, get up for ten minutes to do a simple set of exercises that will help relieve the neck, back, and lower back. Those areas are the first to get tired from sitting at the computer for a long time.

Manage Your Diet

Plan Your Menu

Write down an approximate diet, if not for a week, then at least for three days. Purchase the foods needed for all dishes. It seems trivial, but we often refuse to prepare something healthy because we have no ingredients and no time to go to the store. So, we take out sausages or grill a steak (simple and quick). Preliminary preparation allows you to control your diet to be in great shape.

Manage Your Diet

Reduce Calorie Intake

During the holidays, large quantities of fat in our bodies have not yet accumulated. But due to improper nutrition, there is plenty of excess fluid, which leads to edema. Therefore, the post-holiday diet’s main goal for everyone, especially mature women in great shapeis to remove fluid, toxins and reduce the daily calorie intake.

Reduce calories without stress for the body:

  • Eat protein foods – the feeling of fullness will be with you for a long time.
  • Replace pork and chicken thighs with lamb, turkey breast, beef, or veal.
  • Compensate for excess calories with foods that contain fiber – eat 100 g of meat, supplement it with 200 g of vegetables.
  • Choose dairy products with a lower percentage of fat, but give up non-fat dairy products – they do more harm than good.
  • Season salads with lemon juice, yogurt. Replace processed mayonnaise with homemade one – it’s easy to cook, and there are much fewer calories.
  • Sugar may be hard to cut, but try only adding it to your morning tea or coffee when your body needs more energy.
  • If you want to pamper yourself with sweets, opt for natural marmalade, fresh fruit, and dark chocolate.
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Include more cereals and vegetables in your diet – solid fiber cleanses the body without exceeding the calorie intake. Just look at people who don’t eat meat and are in great shape – it is all thanks to fiber. A low-calorie diet should be balanced, which means contain the number of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates necessary to get a great shape body and maintain a balance of nutrients.

Reduce Calorie Intake

Shop for Healthy Foods

It is much easier to give up fried and fatty foods when fruits, vegetables, and other healthy meals are in the fridge. Of course, the New Year’s holidays are impossible without fatty snacks, but it’s time to switch to a lighter diet. Your body will respond extremely positively to such changes.

What is important to remember for getting in great shape after the holidays? More fiber, fewer sweets. The latter also applies to fruits. For women in great shape, berries and fruits with a low glycemic index are acceptable not to provoke blood sugar spikes as well as weight gain. Those include citrus fruits (grapefruit, lemon, oranges, tangerines), berries (cranberries, lingonberries, cherries, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries), plums, apricots, and kiwi. Try to eat them before 4 pm. And one more thing: don’t throw away the peel – you can do a lot of interesting things using it.

Increase Your Protein Intake

After carbohydrate and fatty salads, snacks, and desserts, it’s time to remember about proteins. They will return satiety and make the body fight for losing weight. It takes more time and energy to digest proteins, which means more calories are spent. Plus, muscles of men over 50 in great shape need protein nutrition not to lose the tone without training.

Don’t Forget about Fats

Just change the harmful mayonnaise for olive or coconut oil, include nuts, avocados, salmon in your diet. You cannot completely deprive the body of fats, and the only requirement is that all fatty foods consumed must be healthy. It is particularly essential for women because, without fats, the normal condition of skin, hair, and nails will be impossible.

Increase Your Protein Intake

Avoid Convenience Foods and Processed Foods

Buy and cook only whole, natural foods, for example, not sausage, but meat. The simpler and more original the product, the better. Avoid foods that are packaged and seasoned, flavored with chemical additives and preservatives.

Diversify Your Diet

Although healthy diets allow great ways to get in shape, their main problem is monotony. First, dull food quickly reduces motivation, and secondly, with a monotonous diet, the body runs the risk of losing important nutrients.

So do not limit yourself to any recipe. For example, soups provide a rich selection: vegetable purees with broccoli, cauliflower, leeks, pumpkin; mushroom soup with vegetable or fish broth. An essential tip is to avoid cream in the composition which can be replaced with coconut milk.

Don’t Make Stress Worse

In other words, do not arrange fasting days immediately after the New Year holidays. The best solution would be to return to your usual diet, as well as restore sleep. The ideal option at first would be four meals a day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, and one of any snacks (lunch or afternoon snack around 4 pm). You should have dinner no later than 2 hours before bedtime. By the way, you also need to pay special attention to sleep.

Manage Your Sleep

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep after the holiday can be pleasant and useful, and it’s a great way to stay in shape. Yes, sleep is important in the fight against excess weight. Over the past weeks, many of us have become used to enjoying long evening dinners at the table with fatty foods and alcoholic beverages. Unfortunately, all this negatively affects health, knocks down the healthy routine, and reduces sleep effectiveness. First, give yourself as much sleep as you need, and then take the system into your own hands. Go to bed and get up every day a little earlier than the previous one.

Manage Your Sleep

Go to Bed Earlier

It is known that going to bed late, even more so, after a glass or two, we get a short and confused sleep. As a result, tiredness during the day and inevitable harm to the figure. When we sleep, the body produces cortisol, the hormone which resists insulin and normalizes metabolism. That’s why, after returning to work schedule, it is of major importance to normalize sleep patterns.

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Improve Your Metabolism

Stimulate Detoxication

In the morning, immediately after waking up, drink a glass of warm water with half a lemon juice. Such a cocktail stimulates the secretion of gall that helps to flush out the body’s toxins.

Have a simple mushroom soup for dinner. This dish is one of the most powerful natural sorbents. It absorbs toxins accumulated in the stomach as well as the circulatory system and quickly removes them from the body.

Change coffee (in the morning and during the day) for green tea with honey. This drink also energizes, like coffee, but at the same time benefits the body due to its rich vitamin and mineral composition, antioxidants, and tannins.

Improve Your Metabolism

Drink More Water

Although the rule of eight glasses of water has already been debunked as a myth, we often drink less than we should and mistake thirst for hunger. Make it a rule to drink several glasses of pure water between meals. You can also drink green, fruit, or herbal tea.

In the post-holiday period, special attention should be paid to this point, both for a young lady and an old guy in great shape. It is very simple and perfectly helps to restore balance after alcohol and an unhealthy diet. It’s best to drink a glass of water after waking up, before each meal, and before going to bed.

Motivate Yourself Always and in Everything

Set Goals

Perhaps, after the holidays, you lost a little confidence in your abilities. It doesn’t matter how many pounds you have gained and how many more hours you have slept. Self-flagellation can lead to worse consequences, and proper recovery begins with self-confidence. Find a reason to return to your normal pace of life. It can be a delicious and healthy breakfast after a good night’s sleep, a smoothie after a workout, or even choosing some great hairstyles for face shape women love. Ask yourself: do older men in great shape get more respect? Do self-confident women get more attention? Find your own motivation. Set goals and strive to achieve them. Don’t forget that with the growth of positive energy, so does your strength.

Motivate Yourself Always and in Everything

Destroy Laziness

Do the work step by step. For example, every 30 minutes, switch to little things: call a friend, answer messages, clean the desktop, sort your mail, etc. Switching will relieve you of fatigue as well as laziness and motivate you for some sports achievements.

If sleepiness strikes, stand up straight like a statue, close your eyes, and do nothing. Our body cannot stay without movement for a long time, so 3-5 minutes of doing nothing stimulates you to take action.

Reward yourself for tedious tasks and come up with rewards for doing particularly important tasks. For example: “If I write this report now (run 5 miles today), I will buy a new book.” The amount of reward should depend on the task’s complexity: the more difficult the task, the more reward.


The consequences of merry festivities are constant sleepiness, excess weight, discomfort, and heaviness in the stomach. The list if of course not complete; the causes are irregular sleep, overeating, and alcohol consumption. It all can significantly damage health, so it is advisable to quickly get rid of the unnecessary.

Your body should return to its normal routine, for which it is worth taking time to recover. We hope that our tips will help you get back in good shape after the holidays as soon as possible. If you follow them, in a while, you might catch yourself thinking: I wonder how I got in great shape so quickly.

Maybe you know more ways to keep in great shape after the holidays? Have you already lost a few extra pounds? Are you continuing to train with the same intensity? Please share your story in the comments below.


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